Here is a sweet knex saw I will be posting in a week or 2!


*UPDATE* I AM SORRY I WILL NOT BE POSTING... T_B_M RIPPED IT APART!!! (He didn't know I wanted to post :-p)

post it now!!!!!!!!! :)
Long gone, sorry.
nice, you should post<br />
Planning to :)<br />
looking out for it<br />
Won't be too soon (still busy with the contest^)<br />
aw<br />
Yeah sorry but I promise I will post!<br />
Your promise failed.
I know :-( <br><br>It wasn't my fault, my brother just took it and broke it without asking...
Brothers, eh?
Mhm... :-/
Nice 4.5*.
No probs.
what do you mean range?? its a saw not a gun
What it shoots out the actual blade???? Don't understand
no, thats just a joke XD
What's the joke ??????!?!?!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!
It shoots the blade, didn't you know?
900000000 FEET&nbsp;MAN!<br />
COOL!&quot;!!!21!<br /> <br /> Also, I love this, 4 stars from me. :D<br />
THANKS&nbsp;A LOT!!!<br />
You should still do a proper I'ble of this.&nbsp; It is a truly outstanding piece of work.&nbsp; Get your brother to put the parts back together and take pictures ;-&gt;<br />
LOL&nbsp;that thing is loong gone im soo sorry =(<br />
who is T_B_M ?
The_Burrito_Master <br />
O_K&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;T_H_A_N_K_Y_O_U
Y_O_U&nbsp;A_R_E&nbsp;W_E_L_C_O_M_E<br />
L_O_L&nbsp;&nbsp; T_B_M &nbsp; A_C_T_U_A_L_L_Y &nbsp; C_O_P_I_E_D&nbsp;&nbsp; M_E._._.<br /> <br /> B_U_T&nbsp;&nbsp; H_E&nbsp;&nbsp; I_S&nbsp;&nbsp; M_Y &nbsp; B_R_O_T_H_E_R&nbsp;&nbsp; L_O_L._._.<br />
really?? do u have to share the knex?
Yes =O<br /> <br /> And it gets PRETTY annoying when he hogs 13K pieces.<br />
that must suck! but, you guys have 13k pieces? holy crap!
more like 15-17? who knows =P<br />
Lol..<br /> <br /> 6-8 screamin serpents.<br /> 1 big ball factory.<br /> 1 rippin rocket.<br /> 1 loopin lizzard.<br /> random knex.<br /> knex alive set.<br /> 1 starburst spinner.<br /> <br /> uuuuuhhhhmmm Im not too sure if there is more but thats some of it.<br />
omg i subscribe to you and your brother
Wow. nicelol<br />
Really well done man! Looks brilliant.<br /> <br /> Video?<br />
Thank you.<br /> <br /> With the instructable I might.<br />
POST!<br />
Will do whenever I have the free time..<br /> <br /> And I WILL!<br />
nice! 5* + check my orangeboard
Thanks.<br />
LOOKS&nbsp;GOOD!!!!!!!&nbsp; Oops.... caps lol!

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