Super sweet k'nex block trig. pistol, mag can hold 16 rounds, virtually never blocks, really stable, sweet design, everything you could want. It can take a lot of pressure, so pile on the elastics. shoots blue rods the lenght of my house and farther. so maybee 50 feet or so depending on the amount of elastics.
+ slide out barrel, for easy change in lenght, etc. (check out the vid! (sry for the late post))
Works on the same mecanism as the old version, you can build it based on the pics, improvise, its not that hard.

On this vid, i think there are only 14 rounds in the gun, but it can hold 16. You can see the slide off barrel, witch lets you easily take it off, mod it, etc. I only have a few elastics on the gun, but its already quite powerful.

Step 1: Handle

This is the handle, it's pretty simple yet comfortable.

Step 2: Barrel

This is the barrel of the gun, it can be easily modded. (The black piece is for better aim.)

Step 3: Main Technical and Intergrated Magasine

This is the cool part: although the gun appears not to have a mag, it can actually hold 4 blue rods!

Step 4: Assembly

How to put together your gun: The handle clips right in to place, and so does the barrel. Simple!

Ram rod: A orange rod (same lengh as a red one) slide in a grey spikey piece, followed by a beige piece with extension pointing to the back of the gun, then slide a blu ring and finally, a orange connector. It should fit right in under the beige extension.

Slide the ram rod right in the back, the only hole there is.

Nox for the elastics(next step)

Step 5: Elastics

the more elastics you put on, the more powerful your gun will be!

First, double loop the small red one, then strech it from the end of the trigger, through the gre piece then around the other one sticking out of the other side of the gun. Then add the rest of the elastics, from the tip of the orange connector at the end of the ram rod to the front of the gun. Make sure it doesn't get in the way of the exit of the barrel. Take your 3 blue pieces, and push them right in the mag, like seen in the vid. You're done. Have fun!

This is a pic of the guns loaded, they can hold 4 blue rods. The handle is realistic, although it's a block fire, the grip feels awsome. Watch the vid!
how to fire?
i like it <br>where can i find the hair???<br>
i like it, the two guns are very good<br>thanks!!<br><br><br>
I made mine hold only 12 rounds
pretty good you, your building style looks alot like mine ;-)
yea please i want the bigger mag, the guns owns<br />
can you show us how to make te V3?<br />
i built this from the first pic lol u say its hard haha
complicated. maybe you should do this one in steps.
i managed it... in about 6 months
hard 4 me and ive built the srV2
<sup>is it true trigger?</sup><br/>
nice .....hair
yes, i really agree on that. cool so far lol.
wow, i saw the video like 500 time waitng for an easier instrustion. i saw smoke coming out of the mag and ruber band.. he was doing it fast
never mind I just fond some this morning
where can i find that green an black connector for the barrel
in the intro you say it is a block trigger then you say something about the hopper then you say: virtually never blocks. that sounds like you the trigger does not work
Uhmmm... the pistol in the instructions are completely different.
yh, y is that? i wanna make that nice mag, tried making my own but the ammo kinda got stuck :(
I dislike block triggers, but you gotta say it's awesome.
Do you perm or style that barrel?
sweet gun!
This gun isn't about coolness, it is just PRESTATION. That thing works perfect.
kool gun
sweet i built the v2 and it rocks only my v2 only holds 9 blues
how did you build the v2????
how do you make the 16 round mag?
awesome mag!!!
well i built this thing and it berely shot say around 5ft i have good rubberbands
well you did something wrong because it easily goes through 9 sheet of paper and it can shoot more than 60 feet (I didn't have enough room to test it for max range lol) just check the pics, or put more elastics (you may want to put on a shorter barrel bcause if its a litle bended, the bullet will slow down alot)
how do I get to the pics
no i made shure and i have good rubberbands
well then I don't know what you did wrong, because it works really great and there's no hidden piece or glich in the instructables sry
I all ready broke it well a week ago rofle
my friend ses that if u use the rubberbands chicks put in there hair, it should work better they are stretchier & stronger(never was tested though)
Looks good... Although I DO have a hard time believing that magazine can hold 15 rounds... hmmm... 4 stars because it is a pistol and a better one of em. By the way, try out <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/plasmaspys-knex-compound-bow/">this.</a>this. This site needs more good bows like this. A wooden skewer will pierce wood, or a least my neighbor's swingset...<br/>
you showed instructions for a different gun... i want to make the one you showed in the vid.
i made hand cuffs
nice gun
NICE! Even better that the origonal! Well done. Favoroted.
can please post more pics, i can't see were the rod in the new mag goes, is it the same as where u attach the barrel in the original? please respond with more pics or a response
ok but i still cant make it can u pleaze make put steps how to do it right pleaze!
its like the original, except all red rods are replaced by grey rods, and there are litle black extentions around the core of the gun, making it larger. The red connectors making most of the mag are cut of with pliers in the center, they create kind of a big shell where you just fill it up with blue rods.
yeah check out V2
i love u
make instructions for this!!
plz post the mag, i can't work it out =[<br/>

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