This is a auto-loading gun that is very simple.
It dose not use a trigger but you pull the pin back and let go to fire.

Step 1: Barrel

Build this (I couldn't find my whites so I used 3 yellows instead of whites)

Step 2: Auto Loader

build this. This is a bit tricky
Then put a white rod so that figure 5 is symmetrical.

Step 3: What You Have.

Build the firing pin. you should have these parts.

Step 4: The Gun

put the clip on like this

Step 5: The End

Put the elastic on like this

To shoot put marbles in the top like this then pull pin back.
Anyone interested in my trigger mod?
i put the clip back farther and it shoots 3x farther
Cool! I think marble guns are good because they hurt, but they won't cut you.
I reccomend wooden marbles.Thx!
really? i use marbles made out of cast gunpowder. probably shouldn't fire those things at humans, but they make <em>very</em> good entertainment if you go onto the roof and shoot at the ground near people! scares the crap out of them!<br/>
You have lost Karma. >: (
so? I already have most of the forces of the universe against me, why stop at only most? the worst that could happen is that i get spontaneously vaporized in the most painful way possible. what's to worry about?
Uh, Fallout 3 joke.
I Love fall out 3
Please don't necro comments. It annoys everyone in the comment chain by sending email about something that they've left alone for a long time. There's also no reason to do so to say four words and a number.
Charming as you are, pi.
Anything's better with pi. Even tau.
i'm not joking. i really <em>do</em> have most of the forces of the universe against me.<br/>
The force of friction against you? wow? including gravity? How do you shpoot people with that than?
i saw people playing with a fireball type thing. it is a firework that flies around erratically in the air. it went into someones mouth.
LMFAO! sorry, but did it actually?
what? the lack of sanity is GREAT!
ye they are pretty cool =)<br/>
With your skills, I suggest you try to make one, im sure it would be something!
well thank you ... but it prob wouldnt have a trigger.... me dont likey triggers
DONE DONE DONE. True trigger, mag can be larger or smaller and cool looking:
That shoots marbles????
I will make a very good marble gun with true trigger. Will post pictures soon.
Any recent comments?
has anyone got types to make it powerfuller
well, my modded one has a block trigger, so you can just add more elastics, but othe than that... oh, and marbles are more close range, cause this has bad range, but it hurts a lot more than a normal gun of equal size
don't shoot your eye out kid!!! lol
it won't shoot an eye OUT, but it could hurt LOL
dsman195276.how did you get the picture of that robot to look like link???
photoshop will work
I LOVE PHOTOSHOP, you can make the exorcist when she turns green from a 9 year old girl, lol :P
nice a marble launcher, though a bit too simple
it works! <br/><br/><ul class="curly"><li>, \</li><li>' /</li> <br/></ul>
not semi-auto...

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