Picture of Knex semi-automatic
Or bolt-action, pump-action, or whatever you want to call it. (it loads automatically)
Shoots yellow rods, max. capacity 20. Colors and rubber band tensions vary. Modify as nessesary.

*See below comments; I mistakenly re-posted this in 2009. Please refrain from freaking out.*

Step 1: Get pieces

Picture of Get pieces
If you don't have over 200 pieces, you can't make this. These lists do not include the ammo (yellow rods).

*can be substituted for similar pieces
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i made this gun and it looked good but keeped jamming so i had 1 mag and it worked like a drem
Puddock3 years ago
I think you left but, awesome!
mberg4 years ago
do u always have to pull it back
zmxninja4 years ago
Someone please kill The Jamalam!!!
My gun only shot like two feet, but it was still automatic which was cool.
Nice gun.
Agorion4 years ago
can you guys look at this and tell me if I should make instructions?

14r313375 years ago
Are the spacers at the bottom rod neccessary? Or are they just there to keep the other two rods from getting too close to each other?
anres3215 years ago
hey I have made a fully automatic knex gun that works with a totaly diffirent system that is never used before on a fully automatic one. So would you plz tell me wath you think about it ?? here is the URL: http://www.instructables.com/id/Fully-Automatic-knex-Gun-it-really-works-/
mikstr25 years ago
your camera has bad quality but in a good way that you can still see it ok... interesting
dont be mad... he is the god of knex guns. he invented them. i think.
WTF? KILLERK posted the first knex gun, dont argue when you dont know
NYPA altrobot5 years ago
No he did not. He posted the first GOOD first gun.
No it's not!!!! But killerk made the first basic gun. This guy made the first prototype. It's called: "Basic knex cannon". Think before you type.
i found one online at some random website copyright yr 2000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
if thats a cannon, whats IAC's heavy "cannon"?
A big crossbow?
no i am saying that if that is a cannon, then IAC's heavy cannon must be a humongosauraus cannon. lol.
Oh, okay..
http://www.instructables.com/id/Basic-Knex-Cannon/ that is the first kne'x gun. you owe me an apology.
we know that his gun is not the first. This guy made the first gun (not this one)
He didn't invent them... he posted one on the internet. The K'nex company invented them long before that.......
yes he did.
I thought Oodalumps invented semi auto's. What's going on here?
Oodalumps invented the first firing pin semi auto. This also isn't semi auto as you have to cock it each time you shoot.
i concur....it doesn't pull back the ram when you pull the trigger...
Scipio136 years ago
Semi-automatic guns are guns that shoot every time you pull the trigger -- not guns that load bullets every time you pull back the firing pin, which are bolt-action or pump/pullback guns. The way this gun's trigger system is, it looks like a pullback. I am not criticizing the gun (most pullbacks are actually more powerful than semi-auto), but will someone who has built it tell me if it i a genuine semi-auto? I am looking for a compact gun that is or is a fully-auto, and if someone finds one, please PM me.
(your name here) (author)  Scipio136 years ago
"Or bolt-action, pump-action, or whatever you want to call it. (it loads automatically)" Yes, technically, it's not a semi-automatic. As far a knex goes, however, you're probably not going to find any semi-automatic or automatic with decent power, much less a compact one. (in my opinion, power is a must-have.) Also: the more compact prototypes I have made involve permanently "modifying" some knex pieces.
hey, knexfreeks semi auto shoots 50 ft.
why not post your latest? I'd probably build it; i have about 12000 pieces, so modifying some won't be a problem for me.
It is not any of the options above besides auto-loading.
You are correct, but this gun was made/posted before Oodalumps came and clarified the knex definition of semi auto.
Semi auto is semi auto, it doesn't matter what you're talking about.
Yeah, but I'm saying that (your name here) called it a semi auto BEFORE we had clarification on the subject.
Also, sorry for posting a comment for personal needs.
(your name here) (author)  Scipio136 years ago
As long as it relates directly to the project, it's ok. The problem comes when people use the space for things like yelling back and forth at each other when they could just message the person privately. The space is for comments, not comebacks.
TigerNod5 years ago
By the way, this I'ble was #42 most seen knex I'ble of 09'. Congratulations.
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