Or bolt-action, pump-action, or whatever you want to call it. (it loads automatically)
Shoots yellow rods, max. capacity 20. Colors and rubber band tensions vary. Modify as nessesary.

*See below comments; I mistakenly re-posted this in 2009. Please refrain from freaking out.*
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Step 2: Construct barrel

Step 3: Construct handle

Step 7: Make other parts...

Step 8: Make other parts...

Step 10: Make automatic feed

Make two of each of these pieces.

Step 11: Make other parts...

Make two of the first piece, and one of the second.

Step 12: Assemble more parts...

Step 14: Attach automatic feed...

The rubber band should not be streatched to its fullest; if it is, connect two together instead.

Step 15: Prepare to fire

Load ammo, pull back pin until it locks in place, and fire.
If it jams, pull back the pin until it locks. Check that the ammo is in place to be fired, and try again.
If the pin doesn't lock, adjust the rubber band shown in step 13, picture 7.

Note: the more ammo you put inside, the less well it works.
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i made this gun and it looked good but keeped jamming so i had 1 mag and it worked like a drem
The Jamalam6 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
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and i dont see any guns like mine on your homepage
Just be Quiet pleeeeeeeeease!
i didn't say anything, i typed it.
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wow, no afence but dont you know its not nice to talk back to people. and plz just go advertise some were other then here. i thing your guns are greate and i biult all of them, but its just not nice. plz respect the author.
y shudent people talk back bossy
Please don't try to correct people when you obviously cannot spell. (Btw I spelled I kno rite wrong below to make it funny.)
Pointless comment? lol this was january.
I kno rite? and for some reason I got that message in my inbox.
smart alack!
Oh, the irony... 
i am not a noob anymore, and i had been a member for 2 days when i posted that. And i have seen you advertising anyway, so stop talking in 3...2...1...
No one ever talked (yes now I'm being a smart alack)
whats an "alack"?
you mean you are still here? sorta?
Dude Stop advertising your guns here, this is someone else's instructable!!!
(your name here) (author)  smidge1476 years ago
If you guys want people to take any of the knex posts seriously, I suggest you act a little more mature, or at least take it to your own instructable.
Puddock3 years ago
I think you left but, awesome!
mberg3 years ago
do u always have to pull it back
zmxninja3 years ago
Someone please kill The Jamalam!!!
My gun only shot like two feet, but it was still automatic which was cool.
Nice gun.
Agorion4 years ago
can you guys look at this and tell me if I should make instructions?

14r313374 years ago
Are the spacers at the bottom rod neccessary? Or are they just there to keep the other two rods from getting too close to each other?
anres3214 years ago
hey I have made a fully automatic knex gun that works with a totaly diffirent system that is never used before on a fully automatic one. So would you plz tell me wath you think about it ?? here is the URL:
mikstr24 years ago
your camera has bad quality but in a good way that you can still see it ok... interesting
dont be mad... he is the god of knex guns. he invented them. i think.
WTF? KILLERK posted the first knex gun, dont argue when you dont know
NYPA altrobot5 years ago
No he did not. He posted the first GOOD first gun.
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