Hi there. I made this gun today, and wanted to show it. It is a repeater (it shoots), and reloads the bullets from a tubular magazine underneath the barrel. With semi pump action, I mean that you  have to cock the pin manually, but you chamber the bullets via a pump. I had this idea a long time ago (a very bad prototype is on Mahmel's orange board), and decided to do it again.
I hope you like it, and please comment. Help is also appreciated, as it isn't near perfect yet.
It holds 3 bullets (in the video that's coming up soon, I only used 1, as I didn't cut the needed y-connector correctly
Update 1: 
- Cut a y connector in a special way, makes the feeding much smoother (this one was also needed on Bakenbitz's original mech)
- Made the barrel 1 connector longer, and added some sort of hop-up
- Different stock
- Different barrel internals. Bullets don't become stock anymore

- Bakenbitz for his lever action gun. I used the bullet ramp in a modified way, to incorporate the pump.
- Killerk, for the idea of the hop-up (inspired by this add-on on his Z35)

Video of the new update:

Dude you have so many awsome ideas you should build a PDW-57 like in Black Ops 2 (its an idea)
Thanks. I can try the PDW-57, but after I posted instructions for this. I hope to have these finished on Thursday (my shortest schoolday), but I have exams from Friday 'til next week Friday, so I don't know when the PDW'll be finished
Yeah. I posted the instructions for this one yesterday. Maybe I find some time tomorrow, or already later today, to start the PDW
I got it gold in black ops 2 prestige 2 level max! its my favorite gun :D
Nice! I tried the PDW, but it failed, pretty bad. Sorry :(
Cool, but whats the point of pulling the pin back then pumping it when you could just pull the pin back on a regular gun?
The horizontal mag, I think. Thanks btw
I am designing something a little similar to this. Except it as a vertical (as in up and down) removable mag, and I'm trying to allow the pump on my gun push the bullet from the mag into a separate chamber as well as pushing the firing rod all at the same time. It's going to be an innovative kind of gun.
Sounds cool! I had that sorta idea in my head for a tubular mag, but then I realized that with tube mags, the pin pull would be very short. So I made this. Looking forward to see what you come up with
I have the stock area finished for it, but I now need to work on the mechanism. It'll be tricky, but it's worth the shot. : D
Nice! The idea sure is worth a try:D
Yep. Oh and your my 1400th commenter. : D
When this is perfected I really hope to see instructions for this. <br>
I'll maybe post them today. I've fixed the barrel and feeding problem, and made a (in my opinion) better stock for it.
what sort of gun is clinging to the side in the second to last pic?
It's a spring airsoft pistol (beretta 90-two by Umarex). Used it to give a indication of the size
Haha, credits: &quot;This gun: Me&quot; =D <br>Nice, I like pump action guns.
=D Thanks!
Nice bro. Good to see a shooting gun from you. =D
Thanks =D
You are very welcome. Hows life?
=D <br>Life's been good. Found some new music I like, etc. So yeah, can't complain :D <br>And you?
Good, good. I like music a lot, but I have not had the chance to really get into music, as I have spent many hours in speech and debate. Me? I have been fine, but again, busy.
Ah. I see, I'll be busy in the end of next week (exam week coming next Friday). Speech and debate is kinda interesting (had it previous school year, in the end)
lol thats so cool. is it based on a semi auto or fully auto? <br> <br>
Well, actually neither, hehe. The bullet lifting mech was based on Bakenbitz's lever action gun
nice and awesome!
Thanks =D Are you working on something?
Thanks =)
o= neat
Thanks =D
that was fast =p <br>
Hehe. Have my mail open in one tab, music in the other =)
Yep ;)

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