Knex Shield





Introduction: Knex Shield

This is a knex shield but it is not bullet proof sorry but it is really strong and it can strap on you wrist.

Step 1: Gather the Materials.

Rods: 2 Yellow, 4 Blue, 28 White, 44 Small Green (or black)

Connectors: 7 Red, 7 Yellow, 6 Orange (or black) 8 Gray, 2 Light Tan (or like a mud color) 14 White circles, 2 Green.

Step 2: Construct Sheild Part (the Part That Protects You)

This pic should help you build it nothing can get through unless they attack you with their pinky.

Step 3: Make Wrist Strap.

These go on back i will show you where to put them.

Step 4: Adjusting the Strapts.

This is how you put it on and tighten the straps.

Step 5: Finish Project.

This is how it should when you done have fun. (ignore those gray pieces i just put them on for no reason)



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I made it! I modified it a little but cool shield!

Could you try to make a ryit shield the ones that swat uses

this knex shield is rubbish it has no defence so yeah nice work you geneus.