Picture of Knex shield
This is a knex shield but it is not bullet proof sorry but it is really strong and it can strap on you wrist.
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Step 1: Gather the materials.

Rods: 2 Yellow, 4 Blue, 28 White, 44 Small Green (or black)

Connectors: 7 Red, 7 Yellow, 6 Orange (or black) 8 Gray, 2 Light Tan (or like a mud color) 14 White circles, 2 Green.

Step 2: Construct Sheild Part (the part that protects you)

Picture of Construct Sheild Part (the part that protects you)
This pic should help you build it nothing can get through unless they attack you with their pinky.

Step 3: Make Wrist Strap.

Picture of Make Wrist Strap.
me111 033.jpg
These go on back i will show you where to put them.

Step 4: Adjusting the Strapts.

Picture of Adjusting the Strapts.
me111 035.jpg
This is how you put it on and tighten the straps.

Step 5: Finish Project.

Picture of Finish Project.
This is how it should when you done have fun. (ignore those gray pieces i just put them on for no reason)
Tyler20195 years ago
Could you try to make a ryit shield the ones that swat uses