Knex Shock Absorber/Door Stopper





Introduction: Knex Shock Absorber/Door Stopper

This is a knex shock absorber built out of knex and rubber bands. It does not use many pieces and could easily be turned into a door stopper or a robot leg. Please rate

Step 1: The Top

This is the upper part of the shock absorber.

Step 2: The Middle

You guessed it. It's the middle of it.

Step 3: The Base

Yes I know. This confuses you so much you wont be able to sleep tonight. GET OVER IT!!!!!

Step 4: Puting It All Together

This is when you put together the steps you built already. Easy enough.

Step 5: Mods

Look at these pics to easily turn your shock absorber into a door stopper. Watch video for more info.



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cool ive made knex sping out of only knex

sorry,but it did not work can you send me help emails at

I don't know why it didn't work. Either post a picture of yours, write what is wrong, or reread the directions.

Cool, this could save many walls from being dented =D.

2 late 4 me XD

cool! i'm goint to use this in two projects: my tank gun for a recoil absorber, and two for the legs of the walker i'm going to mount it on.

Thank you. I'm glad I inspired you to use my designs.

The latest fad seems to be suspension? Anyways, well written Instructable- clear pictures, good spelling. The build is a bit too simple though.

or you could simply buy one lol