Hey guyz

sorry i havent posted for a bit

iv been doin stuff and yeh u get the idea

this is my new shotgun thts been sitting around for a bit
i took  pics and decided to do  slideshow
(its broken up so no instructions sorry :(   )

credit to knex freek for trigger

nice!<br />
thnx and<br /> U DIDNT LEAVE!!<br /> <br /> YAY UR LIKE A LEGEND DUDE UR SO EPIC AND NICE PHOTO OF COD6<br /> <br />
CoD7, CoD 6 is MW2 <br>his pic is Black Ops (best one) and it's CoD 7
How could you have even have thought of CODBLOPS as the bet CoD?<br>(late comment)
Back then it was mw2<br>You really need to check the date and bo sucks, mw2=pro
i used to think you were cool <br>and now i'm even dissapointed in myself for even thinking that
i was kinda jokin but it's kinda your fault for thinking that his picture is CoD 6
I know which COD is which!!!<br><br>That comment was ages ago when he had cod6 as his pic.
lolz, thanks! i like cod 6<br />
cod6 rules<br />
yep!!! im rank 63<br />
64, no prestige
kool, im now 70
well i got the red ring, so im screwed until the new xbox comes out and i make money and get it, have you seen it, its better and has more memory, a built-in wireless, 250gb. its not round, its kinda blocky. 300$. and its black =D
lol, kool
PURE 70 10th prestige! (No life :p&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; jk... prestige 4, 70)<br />
lol! cool<br />
34 first prestige :D<br />
kool, i just play with my mates, not online, altho sometimes i do<br />
Add a stock and it would look real.
Use a black rod for a firing pin, you will get better range and be able to add more bands.
i actually thought it looked bad<br />
ok ill giv u credit and<br /> <br /> its a muzzle load where u just put the rod in <br /> ( fires yellow or blue )<br />
you failed. you were meant to click reply lolz<br /> 'now pull him'<br /> thats what she said<br /> xD<br /> I hope selez doesnt see this.
&quot;pull him??&quot;<br /> <br /> How to load this gun.<br /> If you like to muzzle load it., you can. All you do is pull the pin back, then just shove that little rod in there! That's what she said!<br /> <br />
yer he took pull him out. now you are angry at me, cos I told you off for making sexual inuendos on my page.................................................................<br /> 'wimper wimper'<br /> sorry mum.
mum?&nbsp;<br /> IM YOUR FREAKIN DAD!
yer i no<br /> <br /> nice p90 visper<br />
call me matt plz....<br /> you took 'pull him' out didnt you.<br /> thanks for the comment about the p90.
ok<br /> <br /> ill call you matt<br /> <br /> sorry<br /> <br /> **<br /> __<br />
is there like a mag in there???<br />
&nbsp;3 things:<br /> <br /> One:<br /> Please give me credit for the trigger :)<br /> Two:<br /> Does it fire one at a time?<br /> Three:<br /> It looks great! 5 stars!<br />

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