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Introduction: Knex Shotgun

It's bad.
It's epic.
Oh, and its full auto.

This is my new shotgun. Yes, it really is a shotgun (it fires 6 shots at a time with a huge spread). Its not done yet, but it works. I haven't tested it in full auto but a have fired it and it gets about 20 ft with a huge spread of grey connectors. Its 6 layers thick so its ridiculously strong. I estimate i could hold 15-17 elastic bands but the mag holds 21 shots (126 grey connectors). I may post it but i want to see what you guys think of it.

Editorez: I have finished it and made the stock one hell of a lot stronger. I've also strengthened the cam shaft thing that makes the weight at the back go forwand and backwards. I loaded 15 #32's and the trigger held up fine and shot all of them relatively quickly.



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are you going to post?

Very cool

can i have a pic of the mech and how it works?

 I AM SO SO SO SO SO SO SORRY! I've forgotten how to make it. I know how the mech works, but i cant remember how to make the trigger. I'm really sorry.

Do you think that a magazine could be installed? because I imagine it takes a helluvalongtime to reload 126 grey connectors.

Yes. But the stupid thing is it takes a helluvalongtime to reload 1 shot.