Knex Single Shot Rifle(snyper)





Introduction: Knex Single Shot Rifle(snyper)

This is my first gun that i posted and i hope that you get the directions and the gun works out well.Something you should now about the gun is that when you are done and you out the bullet in you might have to push it down farther into the barrel. The red rods are the best ammo to use.

Step 1: Barrel, Part 1

1. put 11 white circles onto the 2 gray rods
2. make the trigger by puting a blue rod and a white rod on an orange connecter.
3. put the trigger on one of the grey rods as show in picture.
4. add 3 more white circles and add 8 red connecters.
5. add four light gray connecters in an alternating pattern.
6. add one more white connecter.

Step 2: Handle

1. snap 4 yellow rods on the bottom of the barrel you just made like in the picture.
2. tightly loop the rubber band around the yellow rods.

Step 3: Firing Pin

1. attach an orange connector on the end of a grey rod and connect it with a peice of tape.
2. add a blue spacer on the firing pin.

Step 4: Barrel, Part 2

1. put a white connector onto 2 red rods.
2. add 7 light grey connectors in an alternating pattern on the red rods.
3. add a red connector onto the red rods.
4. add 8 more light grey connectors(just #2)
5. add a white connector onto the end.

Step 5: Other

1. put 2 yellow connectors ont a blue rod as show.
2. snap 6 red connectors onto a yellow rod as shown.

Step 6: Puting Barrels Together

1. take barrel 1 and add the yellow connectors on the blue rod.
2. add barrel 2 to on the other side of the yellow peice.(sorry my directions are kinda confusing!)
3. i can,t explane this next one just look at the picture, add the peice with the red connectors on the place where the barrels connect (upsidedown)
4. add two green small rods on either side of the white connector by the trigger as shown.

Step 7: Adding Firing Pin and Rubber Bands

1. place the rubber band on the end firing pin and stretch and set it on the green peice sticking out.(do this on boht sides,for more power add more rubber bands if needed)
2. put a rubber band on the end of the white rod on the trigger, rap it around the green peice and hook it on the blue peice by the center of gun.
3. pull back the firing pin until in snap
4. put a red rod in the end of the barrel and make sure it is all the way down that it can go.
5. pull trigger and have fun
6. and i will love to read your comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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check out my knex marble launcher

it's an amazing gun (the marble one)i made it got it to shoot over 150 feet

how many rubber bands did you use

i think about 15 but not sure cuz my sister got pissed when i shot her and she broke it

yeah your gun is cool. mine only fired 20 ft :P

i hope you were joking
1 star btw

looks like someone cant spell... lol jks

I added the 7-shot magazine from this instructable.

take out the two parts you make in step 5 and replace with ammo clip.

semi-auto sniper rifle!