Introduction: Knex Small Off-roader

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This is a small off-road 'truck' i built. The beauty is in its simplicity, and it can climb over a medium-sized pile of knex or other small building blocks. When it gets stuck, it sometimes humps the floor. :P

Step 1: Parts List

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Of course, you'll need parts. :)

Step 2: The 'frame'

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This is the 'frame' for the 'truck'. Very simple parts. Connect them as shown in the first picture in this step.

Step 3: The Motor

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This step is for the fasteners and placement of the motor.

Step 4: The Rear Axle/wheels

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We will almost be finishing up here. About half of the remainder of the pieces are used here alone.

Step 5: The Front Axle/wheels

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The final step. The remainder of the pieces are used here. Once you're done, have fun! Mod as you please, leave recommendations in the comments, and don't get all sad if this breaks. Very easy to rebuild and mod. joshbuilder5 signing out.


sandroknexmaster (author)2013-08-11


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