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Introduction: Knex Small Wheel Lift

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Hey, this is my newest lift I made, well, in fact it is a pretty old lift but I wanted to make instructions of it ever since I made my ball machine Crazy, and here it is finally!
It is a lot better than that version :D
Credits to Shadowman for originally inventing this lift in Cataclysm.
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Step 1: Entrance Track Part One

Step 2: Entrance Track Part Two

Step 3: Some Borders

Step 4: Wheel Supports

Step 5: The Wheel

Step 6: Gearing

You could use a different motor but you'd have to invent then at your own.

Step 7: Finishing the Tower

Step 8: Exit Track

Step 9: The Slide

Step 10: Tubing

Step 11: Done!

Your done with the wheel lift!
Now just add balls and watch them go around!
If you rebuild this lift and post your pic i'll add it here.
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    Well, it has to do about if it is rollercoaster tubing or not, tollercoaster tubing is thicker but should work too on this model :)

    Tollercoaster? What about Trollercoaster


    I thought you meant the toastercoasters XD

    Probably if you use flexi rods, but you'll have to invent a bit then :P

    It seems kind of funny that no one has posted instructions of this lift until now :) Great job.

    1 reply

    Haha, true! And thanks! :)

    I already commented it :P

    Haha, thanks.
    I almost forgot publishing xD