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Introduction: Knex Smg

This is my knex smg that i made awhile ago. It is not too powerful or accurate at long range but it is lightweight and easy to carry.

It uses white/silver rods which fit in the magazine but the best anmmo are yellow/brown rods which can be easily loaded in through the end of the barrel.

good looks
easy to reload
good sights
accurate at short range
cheek rest
stock and handle can be removed for better manouverability
easy to pull apart
can add sights
has places for straps
has a charging handle (just for looks)

It was made using a reference picture from a knex mp5k so it may look something alike but i dont remember whos it was.
I may upload some more pictures and make an instructable if someone wants.

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Oh and by the way, im going to start making a new gun in the next few days but i dont know if i should make an assault rifle or a slingshot sniper so if anyone has any suggestions then please feel free to share them. Thanks.
Also these photos were taken with my phone so the quality isnt too good.

If you want to make this gun go here.



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    ahhhhh! f ing PDF

    realy good wish i had tons of pieces, i could make 2 so i could dual wield!

    1 reply

    You mean Akimbo. Well, it varies from COD to COD. PSN or XBox Live, do you play?

    looks epic wish i was a gd enough builder to make one

    I love the visual design! The cheek rest is nice, and is that a new way to curve a mag? Looks like it. Cool gun. 4.5 stars.

    If the cocking handle is just for looks, how do you cock it?

    3 replies

    All it is is a handle that can be pulled back and released just like on a real gun but other than looks, it has no real purpose. The gun has a firing rod that is used to fire the gun like most othe knex guns and is used by pulling it back until it locks and pulling the trigger.

    so the real firing pin is at the back then? If so why don't you try to make it so that the cocking handle actually cocks the gun, or are you just going for a realistic gun?

    Yeh basicaly and the firing pin is way too long to for it to be able to work.

    Looks great! However why put a cocking handle on if it serves no function and the gun is not a replica?