Knex Sniper - M40A3





Introduction: Knex Sniper - M40A3

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Yeah.. bitch.

- cool looking.
- Working scope.
- powerfull.
- Shoots about 90 ft.
- cool loading.
- true trigger.

Have fun to build it ;)

Step 1: Barrel

its the easiest step of the gun.

1. Make this.
2. put on this.
3. another view.
4. the other side of the barrel
5. Make this.
6. put 3 of these.
7. make this 3 things.
8. make it closed
9. and you are ready with the barrel.

Step 2: Trigger.

The trigger. its easy

1. mkae this.
2. get this. and cut off.
3. Make thiss.
4. attach like this.

Step 3: Body.

The main body of the gun.

Its random. Bequase the pictures. not standing good.
i'm Sorry. but you can make it if you look good to the pictures.

Step 4: The Reciever

this is where the ram goes in !

1. here you se whole reciever.
2. put a Y connecter in it.
3. make this.
4. put on it.
5. other side.
6. make this.
7. get this 2 things.
8. put on the back of the yellow rod.
9. you are ready with the reciever.
10. another view.

Step 5: The Back

1. no title

Step 6: Scope

its easy.

1. Make this.
2. get this piece.
3. attach like this.
4. get this 2 pieces.
5. put it on the ball joint.
6. add it on the green/red rod.
7. make this.
8. add this on it.
9. make this.
10. under.
11. add this.
12. get this.
13. and add it here.
14. see
15. add on it
16. Get this rings.
17. add the rings here.
18. other look.
19. add here.
20. other side.
21. Make this.
22. add on it. as seen the other side.
23. take this.
24. add on it.
25. take some bands Like the picture. / if you dont have / buy some. and add on the end of the scope / ass seen on the picture.

Step 7: Assembly.

Step 8:



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    I don't know if I should build this or not, I normally end up building these big guns and finding out they arn't as powerful as it says.

    it is really hard

    yea its even hard for meand kim praticly a maste

    well im intermedete and i can make it

    the stalk should be longer (if i build it thats what im going to do)

    how long is your sniper

    I Dont know how long it is we just made it to let people make it after we put the instructions on we broked it bequase we wanted to make a new one