Here are the instructions to a very good sniper to have in battle. It has a great range and working scope (not included).It shouldn't take a ton of pieces or time its just a simple sniper.  

Step 1: Storage and Stock

This is optinal but makes it looks like a real sniper. 

Step 2: Handle

This is the handle

Step 3: Firing Pin

this is the new high tech firing pin

Step 4: Barrel

knex rock

Step 5: Trigger

The trigger

Step 6: Main Body

Holds it together

Step 7: Assembly

Putting the gun together!!!!
<p>I made it</p>
<p>epic cause I made it before and it is amazing thanks, nice vid</p>
if you say good range how much ft do you mean?
sorry for a late reply, but i think about 40 ft <br>
ok thanks
I get what you mean
Ok, but use the reply button next time.
i'll change it <br>
ok <br>
Not meant to be harsh or so. It is good, but a bit outdated now (the mechanism etc.) so 3.5 Stars
I think it would be better to use an black or clear rod here, they are stronger than normal grey rods

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