Picture of K'nex spining jack
Its a classic from the game of Jacks.
Bigger better spins faster and built from K'nex!!

Actually spins
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Step 1: Parts

Picture of Parts
It has a good amount of parts                   58 total parts

6 purple connectors
6 blue connectors
3 white connectors
8 green connectors
8 blue rods
24 white rods
1 red rod
1 gray one pined connector
1 brown end cap with the rod coming out of it

Step 2: Make These

Picture of Make These
make the pieces below by connecting 2 green connectors to 1 blue rod do this 4 times

Make the pieces below

Step 3: Connect Them

Picture of Connect Them
Take all the pieces you just made and connect them at the end of the green connector using a blue rod

Connect the pieces as shown below

Step 4: Add These

Picture of Add These
Add 2 white rods to each of the green connectors add them to every connector

Check Picture 2 when done

Step 5: Add this

Picture of Add this
Add a white connector to any one the white rods refer to the picture below for help

Then do the same thing across from the white rod(picture 2)

Step 6: Make this

Picture of Make this
Take one white connector and add a white rod to each and every pin

make this piece as shown below

Step 7: Make this

Picture of Make this
Connect the blue and purple connectors as shown below connect them thru the opening

Step 8: Check

Picture of Check
Now look at the picture below and make sure you have all the pieces as shown

Step 9: Add these

Picture of Add these
Add the blue connectors with the purple going thru to the main piece make sure the purple connector pin is facing into the circle

Do this 6 times

Add the Blue and purple pieces as shown below

Step 10: Almost done

Picture of Almost done
Okay now take the white connector piece from step 6 and put the red rod thru the middle then at the other end place the gray connector one the end of the red rod as shown in picture 2

Okay now the most important piece is the brown end cap with the little rod coming out of it.

That has to be connected to the red rod from the side and then slide it down so the brown rod on the end cap goes into one of the inner holes of the white connector (Picture 3)
bigt46165 years ago
i like it :D creative and simple. yet ive never thought of useing knex for a top xD maybe you could sharpen the rod so it actually acts more like a real top? idk, giving just an idea. :) nice instructable, you layed out every little step and that is how to do it. good job :)
EliteCreator (author)  bigt46165 years ago
thanks and if you like it please subscribe