Quick and simple knex steil granade made from very few pieces.

Step 1: All the Pieces You Will Need

4 red rods. 12 blue rods. 4 white connectors. 12 green rods. 4 red connectors. 4 yellow connectors. 4 orange connectors. 4 small rubberbands.

Step 2: The Handle

this is how the handle goes together.

Step 3: The Exploding Part

First you will need to build 4 of these. Then connect the rubberbands like the ones in the second picture.

Step 4: Putting It All Together

Connect the 4 exploding parts to the handle like this. It will look like the second picture when it is done.

Step 5: The Flying Pieces.

Make 4 of these.

Step 6: Loading

This is how you'll have to load the granade. It will look like the second picture when it is compleatly loaded and ready to throw. Simply toss.
when you throw it are the things supposed to shoot off or something
Mmmmm... splodies are aimed at the thrower.
That is because they are suicidal!
Ha! The splodies are suicidal?
noooo, the splodies are homicidal, the thrower is suicidal
lol XD
dude it dosent work
bedbugg2s splodie grenade would be easier to make. and it wouldn't blow up in your face
this looks familiar...
just to let you know, steil, in the way you spelled it, means "steeply" in deutsche
It is actually Steilhandgrenate.
Yeah what's with this stiel business?
I think he thinks it looks like a steilhandgrenate from WWII
Well, not really and as you said he kinda has to finish the name
i dont think it looks like a steil granade i called it that because it is a granade with a handle
like the cbow in half life.
it really doesnt it holds together really good
looks like it might go off mid-air but good idea

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