Knex supercar with mods! **Spoiler Angle**Brake system with pics**

This is my supercar wih mods. the original car was made by Imperar .

I've made:
- wing doors.
- A convertible roof.
- A big spoiler.
- The steer on the left.
- A big rocket booster.
- Towing system (www.youtube.com/watch )
- I' ve made better decals.(not much changed ony some parts added)

- Spoiler angle system added.
I've added a handle to change the angle of the spoiler, pics wil come later!
P.S.: I've made this in august:-)

Future plans:
trunk (That will be in conflict with the convertible roof and the spoiler so I'm trying to figure out.)
better convertible roof.
more decals and sporty things.
aborg14 years ago
pls.show how to make brakes
MarijnS95 (author)  aborg13 years ago
I am now rebuiding the model, and then i wil consider to make an instructabe.
pie lover4 years ago
You Should Post Instructions For This I Would Build It. 5*
adelacruz4 years ago
nice functions,how do you do the handbrake?kind da like it
MarijnS95 (author)  adelacruz4 years ago
like a real one............. pulling towards you!
~KGB~4 years ago
jmm724 years ago
Great job. Also have you thought of a 4wd steering system yet? 5*
MrSmashCat5 years ago
Please please please make instructions for this and any new mod you make. P.S. Great Car, I love it! :)
TSC5 years ago
Sweet! cool!!!!!!!!!! good job!!! to BIG OF A spoiler!
Way too chunk spoiler, I think.
mikstr26 years ago
I dont like the spoiler. its really not that cool
bmxkng466 years ago
i dont like the spoiler all that much but i like the rest of the car ecpecially the steering on the left
Dante90306 years ago
MarijnS95 (author)  Dante90306 years ago
its really cool though mostly the spoiler
btw wat knd of stering did you use please post
MarijnS95 (author)  Dante90306 years ago
how did you mean wat kind off steering? And did you mean with please post: answer fast or post instructions
post instructions
MarijnS95 (author)  Dante90306 years ago
just make some pics of your car, especially the front so i can make it ant try to put a steering system on it
dude im making a ford gt ill be finished in three days i will make a slideshow but i need a steering system can you help me no henges please
Xtra136 years ago
it's is awesome, give buiding instructions and i will try to make it with engine and maybe suspention and maybe a gearbox
MarijnS95 (author)  Xtra136 years ago
do you think that you could make a gearbox and an engine? that would be really cool! im making instructions but i'm very busy with my school work
13KnexFan136 years ago
it's fantastic. building instructions please!!!!!!!! soo cool
MarijnS95 (author)  13KnexFan136 years ago
thanks, it'sreally hard to make instructions because i'm always modding it. but i'm still making an instructable
iwanttorate6 years ago
wow, cool!!!!!!!!!!! 5stars and faved and subscribed lol
MarijnS95 (author)  iwanttorate6 years ago
knexfreak956 years ago
this is shwet great job
MarijnS95 (author)  knexfreak956 years ago