Knex Supercar With Mods! **Spoiler Angle**Brake System With Pics**





Introduction: Knex Supercar With Mods! **Spoiler Angle**Brake System With Pics**

This is my supercar wih mods. the original car was made by Imperar .

I've made:
- wing doors.
- A convertible roof.
- A big spoiler.
- The steer on the left.
- A big rocket booster.
- Towing system ( )
- I' ve made better decals.(not much changed ony some parts added)

- Spoiler angle system added.
I've added a handle to change the angle of the spoiler, pics wil come later!
P.S.: I've made this in august:-)

Future plans:
trunk (That will be in conflict with the convertible roof and the spoiler so I'm trying to figure out.)
better convertible roof.
more decals and sporty things.



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    31 Comments how to make brakes

    I am now rebuiding the model, and then i wil consider to make an instructabe.

    You Should Post Instructions For This I Would Build It. 5*

    nice functions,how do you do the handbrake?kind da like it

    like a real one............. pulling towards you!


    Great job. Also have you thought of a 4wd steering system yet? 5*

    Please please please make instructions for this and any new mod you make. P.S. Great Car, I love it! :)