Knex Suspension Buggy





Introduction: Knex Suspension Buggy

A knex buggy using slightly modified suspension from gunner1089's instructable.

Step 1: The Parts

collect all necessary parts which are as followed:

34 Y rods
12 Blue End Connectors
36 Grey Single slot Connectors
14 Grey 45º Connectors
18 Brown Straight 180º Connectors
17 Grey 180º Connectors
26 Green 135º Connectors
4 Beige Locking End Connectors
8 Black 360º Connectors
10 Blue Snap-Together Connectors
52 Grey Snap-Together Connectors
24 Silver Spacers
42 Blue Spacers
6 Grey 90º Connectors
115 Black Rods (1.75 cm)
68 Silver Rods (3 cm)
30 Blue Rods (5.5 cm)
2 Green Rods (13 cm)
4 Wheels
1 Steering Wheel, or Small Grey Gear

Step 2: The Suspension

The Suspension System from gunner1089

Step 3: The Front Half of the Buggy

The front half of the buggy

Step 4: The Body of the Buggy

The body to hole the steering wheel and other miscellaneous figure ex: a seat, a doll

Step 5: The Rear Suspension System

The rear suspension, and the bumper

Step 6: The Roof

the final step, the roof

Step 7: Optional Suspension Mod

please follow this link for a detailed instruction on how to build gunner1089's new suspension:

to incorporate it into the previously built buggy, just take of the bumper, remove the "old" suspension, put a silver spacer, a blue spacer, the suspension, then

(1 rear suspension) a blue spacer then a silver spacer, the reattach the back bumper.

(2 front suspension) two blue spacers, the connected 135 degree green connectors, then the front bumper

Step 8:

After many months of collecting dust, I extensively modded it.
Comments are welcome.

Picture 1 ~ Right side view
Picture 2 ~ Front End
Picture 3 ~ Left side
Picture 4 ~ Rear end view



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frickin sik!!!!!!!! i give it 5*.i built it and modded it its 1 of the bet ive ever built

WOW! I have just finished building it and its awsome! But the suspension keeps colapsing do have a way to stop than?

a few weaker elastic bands work compared to stronger ones, and don,t forget to balance out the elastics on either grey spacer, don't want anything warping =)

Nice tower LOL!

I just noticed this now lol im going to make it

I like the design and it functions really well so good job man ive built this and i've made a new suspenson system tha is very easy and il post soon good job man 5/5

Thanks this suspension system works great and i to have kept it made for many months because i just really don't want to see it taken apart for something else. And i have also modded mine a bit. i have addes people and seats lights an awsome wing, some plain back lights and othe minor upgrades. this is by far one of my favourite vehicles to make from knex


what it should look like... is it normal that my wheel doesnt have dust on it ??? XD

seriously, good work

this design is awesome (Y) 2 thumbs up i followed up on it last night and its sickk:P i kinda modded it... i put a stronger bumper i put like a fake engine thingy like a v8(made with yellow connecters and white rods) annd i made an exhaust system thing with big bendy rods that go to the back of the buggy as if it were real:P it looks nice but just one problem 0_0 do u think u can try to make a steering mechanism on it? with steering mann this thinng will be the bestt suspension buggy made as of yet