This is my first knex weapon but not my last so thanks.Don't forget to rate or subscribe.

Step 1: Handle.

This is the handle make the part you hold long enough for you to put both hand,s on the handle.

Step 2: Blade

This should be aatleast a few inches longer than the blade, it only breaks on the weakest part of the blade.
but it doesnt cut; kinda defeats the purpose of having a sword...<br>
<p>did you expect a k'nex sword to actually be able to cut anything in the first place?</p>
<p>ironically I made my own sword with my own design and is almost just like this one. the main difference is that I connected yellow connectors to the white ones in the middle of the blade using green and white rods. that way it has more of an edge.</p>
this a cool sword but i followed the pics and it was a bit small so i made it longer but still prity cool <br>
well i actually didt have enought peices to make it longer but still wat evs<br>
is this the better version of mine that you mentioned in november
heck yeah
300th commenter.
lol its pretty cool
nice man
cool i subed &amp; rated it 5.0 good job can u sub me?
no soz 4 late reply
kk, lol =D

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