This is a prety cool sword. It has a mace at the tip!

Step 1: Pieces

Here are the pieces
Large flaps-2
Yellow rods-4
Orange connecters-8
Green rods-10
Green connecters-4
Yellow connecters-6
Tan clips-7
Silver spacers-2
Blue rods-2
Blue connecters-4
Light grey connecters-4
White rods-9
Grey rods-10

Step 2: Putting Together the Handle

Follow the pictures to make the handle.

Step 3: Making the Blade

This is how to make the blade.

Step 4: The Mace

Now for the final step, the mace.

Step 5: Done

Great! You finished. Have fun!
be sure to watch my video on the more comfortable handle
srry i thought i had it posted i will try to post it before the 9th of october <br>
hey i love it! i hit my sister and her friend so hard it left a bruise
i have to admit, its flimsy, but i think it looks cool.
talk about being busy.

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