A neat little sword I made. This can easly fit one your arm and this sword has a gun on top. (for you gun people out there :) You might have to adjust it so it will fit on YOUR arm... my arms kind of small. :(

Step 1: The Bottom of the Sword

follow the instructions... simple

Step 2: Mid Part of the Sword.

keep following the instructions. The green rods up front must stay up front.

Step 3: Top of Sword

Keep looking :)

Step 4: The Lock

This will be needed later.

Step 5: The Gun

the top part of this gun has 9 red and the back has 4.

Step 6: The Handle

Well yeah... the handle for the sword.

Step 7: The Blade

put parts from 1 2 and 3 together.

Step 8: Connect the Handle

connect the handle to the bottom of the blade. now put the lock from part 4 into the end of the handle. (put the lock on when using the sword so ur sword dont fall off)

Step 9: Connect the Gun

Connect the gun and then you're done! :D (almost)

Step 10: Connect the Back Part Off the Gun

Ok, NOW you're done :D
huh I can shoot this out of my i am canadian's handheld cannon
i know this instructable is old but i made my own arm sword and added support a gun a better tip...
cool u got a picture?
mh sorry i destroyed it, yours was better overall though, mine just wasnt *as* flimsy thanks for the inspiration, and nice ible. 4.5 *<br/>
hey i built a spring out sword similar to this check it out its on you tube just type: knex slide out sword in the search bar
hm. i may use two of these as arm panls for a suit of armor. if i ever get more knex pieces.
........... I'm taking this off..... people and spelling ...I can spell right but I'm LAZY OK?!
dont take it off it's not bad
I really hate it when people abuse the English language. *Sob*
what if they abuse forign languages
Then I wouldn't know unless it was French or Latin :).
lets see how skinny your arm is lol btw nice im gonna build
lol ight thx so much :) (don't comment bout spelling)
thats ok i wont i dont care about spelling
... can u just drop the spelling? just comment bout the sword.... ---_---
Its pretty stable. i put ma knex kunai head on top and x-stended the handle! :)
Dude, that's totally awesome, how sturdy is it?

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