Knex Sword





Introduction: Knex Sword

This sword is ok it is really simple and you can make it as long as you want just repeat the pattern.

Step 1: Gather the Materials.

Rods: 8 Yellow, 12 White, 28 Small Green (or Small Black it doesn't matter)

Connectors: 3 Red, 10 White, 6 Green, 2 Orange, 6 Yellow (or Gray doesn't matter) 2 Gray(or Orange it doesn't matter)

Step 2: Construct the Handle.

This is a very easy and good grip handle, i don't think i haft to explain how to make it.

Step 3: Make the Blade.

If you want the sword to be longer just repeat the pattern.

Step 4: What It Should Look Like (unless You Made It Longer)

The handle with the blade.

Step 5: The Point.

This is very simple just add it to the top.

Step 6: Finish Project.

This should be the way it looks like when you finished.



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    if you layer the sword with 5 of the same layers it will be stronger and Mor realistic.

    you should make the end of the hilt 2 green connecors with 2 black rods all connected to a grey 3 connector.

    Cool I need a cool gun I just can't find a good one

    A simple way to make it stronger is to make 3, put them on top of each other, and then use white rods to connect them. I made a sword that was 2-3 times as long and it is sturdy. When i made it my way.

    LOL tis like the master sword

    i saw that and it was funny

    I made my own with better handle check it out <a rel="nofollow" href=""></a><br/>

    I think you should do something different for the handle...

    nice pattern it might be stronger if you double the lare of knex

    my knex sword weapone typhone will rip that thing to shreads! XD check it out

    i make a really strong sword that is semi hard to build but can be built just by looking at the picture, ill post it soon u should look at it

    it looks weak but it's ok, but it will break if you swing to hard.