K'nex Tall Ball Machine




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Introduction: K'nex Tall Ball Machine

My second ball machine, aimed for hight.
The ball reaches 5m 22cm and follows one path down.

The video could be better but I had a lot of problems during the recording.
I might rebuild it once more.



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    Could you make a instructable of that launch lift?

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    Just pause the video at 4:30. you get a very good close-up.

    It's just 2 coaster crosties at both sides. the 3d connectors are 1 white and 1 blue rod apart. The wheels are spinning so fast because there's two times a big yellow gear on a small blue one.
    (on that particular time - 4:30 - you see the yellow gear from the motor, the brown (blue) small gear on an axle, the yellow one at the other side. On the motor axle is another small gear.)

    I use 4 big wheels to have a large momentum. If the slow ball hits the wheels, they'll just launch it without loosing much speed.

    ahhhhhhhh!!!!! i had my volume at full when i played the video and it made me jump!!

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    Lol i am tryiing to build something like this but after i finished the tower i realized i didnt have enough chainso it will have to be one-way. Need help with the roller coaster part..( I never built a roller coaster with that type of track before) . 3rd comment in a row!!!

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    With "roller coaster part" do you mean the steep turn the ball makes before hitting the large hill down?

    Yea. i might just mke the ball drop from the normal type of pathing and go through the middle of the tower because im not using it because i dont have enough chain.

    dare i say it............... INSTRUCTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! joke. how long did it take to build this???

    Incredible, ball machines are by far the most entertaining thing you can make out of knex, great job! 5 stars.


    5* one of my new favourite ball machines

    I started at about Eastern. But I had to endure examinations, so couldn't continue for a long time

    This is what knex should be used for 5*!

    WOW! thats epic! 5*

    Wow. This is a real commitment for life...