This is my entry for Viccie's contest. It has a 4 wheel drive motor, but it can be swapped for a rear wheel drive.

I created this on my own, without looking at anyone else's tank. So if I have taken anyone else's tank, that was accidental.

The 2 barrels are just there for decoration.

Viccie, this is my first knex vehicle, go easy on me. This would also explain me not being as good as usual as well.

As for postage, No, I wont post.
Make one that really has a small Knex gun on it!
that tank is dead and gone...
Look at the date on yor comment it was posted in the future
August 7, 2009.<br><br>Posted almost 1.5 years ago...
Well then it must have loaded wrong for me because it said august 7th 2009
rebuild it
Cool! It's very good seeing as when it was posted.<br />
Why should he take it easy on just you? It’s a lot of people’s first time building a knex vehicle.
take it easy on EVERYONE whose entry is their first vehicle, not just me.
Ya I get 100 more points!! It's my first.
Warning 1
lol and Zak get's no warning?
I wasn't asking you.
But I chipped in.
No, you gave you're opinion, which I had not asked for.
But, I chose to do so out of my own will.
Me too!!
That idea was better Than the one I had.
This idea could work for one of the suspension units on my ripsaw... If I had 2 motors, maybe.
lol, this only really needs one motor to turn all 4 cogs.
Yes, but I'd need 6 of these units to work my idea, meaning I'd need 6 motors.
Where did you get that motor??
sawblade thrill ride.
Okay, I just haven't seen it before.
A fellow eminem fan i see.
Tee hee hee.
Yeah, I just built this in 5 minutes driven by boredom.
Have you seen Sumdudes' EU Tank? You could take some ideas from him.
that tank was made by the burrito master, but Sumdude posted it for him. And no, All I was concentrating on was the 4 wheel drive mech.
Yeah, well anyway, it looks like a WWI tank so you could take that direction if you want and make it look even more like one.
lol @ unintentional replicas.
I don't know but my first vehicle was wwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy worse then this. I like it!
this is quite a cool tank sweet but you want to try and make it fire rods
I could, but Im too lazy for that.
if we shouldn't have a go at you for posting a "bad" vehicle, but its your first time, thats like saying we should go easy on the people new to making guns, who make guns worthy of the list. no?
Im not talking about you guys talking about my vehicle, I'm talking about viccie judging my tank thing. That was a casual comment, I didn't think people would jump at me for it. Sheesh.
Ummm... you can't have a 4 wheel drive tank....tanks don't have wheels...they have tracks.
If you popped 2 of the gears at the front of the tank off, the front axle would still roll.
Doesn't matter, it doesn't have wheels, so it cant be 4 wheel drive.
Yeah it can. I just didnt put wheels on because I dont have enough. I only have 3 wheels.
Very neat. Is it really four-wheel drive? I like it, my first vehicle was way worse than this one! :P
No its not four wheel drive i think since the front wheels are turned by the tracks
If you removed the tracks, all 4 gears would still spin when the motor was turned on.

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