Knex Four Wheel Drive Tank





Introduction: Knex Four Wheel Drive Tank


This is my entry for Viccie's contest. It has a 4 wheel drive motor, but it can be swapped for a rear wheel drive.

I created this on my own, without looking at anyone else's tank. So if I have taken anyone else's tank, that was accidental.

The 2 barrels are just there for decoration.

Viccie, this is my first knex vehicle, go easy on me. This would also explain me not being as good as usual as well.

As for postage, No, I wont post.



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    Make one that really has a small Knex gun on it!

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    that tank is dead and gone...

    Look at the date on yor comment it was posted in the future

    August 7, 2009.

    Posted almost 1.5 years ago...

    Well then it must have loaded wrong for me because it said august 7th 2009

    rebuild it

    I'm flagging both of your comments if you don't delete them and make up by tommorow.

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    *hint* AJ switched to KI

    Oh, in that case I'll just flag him since he uneccessarily started the argument anyway.

    I understood k thx, but what does bai mean?

    say it out loud.

    Why couldn't you just spell out bye?, it has the same number of letters.

    Its a dern lil habit I picked up from izangi telos.

    Lol yep. And I picked that up from anime fans and members of the 4chan board, 'cause that's how Asians pronounce 'by'. =P

    But.. but... "bye" and "bai" sound the same, so does that mean Asians pronounce it the same as Americans?

    Doesn't really sound the same. Get an Asian to say 'bai', and then get him or her to say 'bye'. The Asian will say 'bai' with a more high-pitched voice.