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This is a must have for every electronics hobbyist, student,... Several of these holders can be connected to each other for other tin or wire gauges.

What you'll need to build one of these:
    -   5  standard white or black connector (black in my example)
    - 10 standard silver metallic connectors (grey in my example)
    -   2  standard yellow connector (ivory in my example)
    -   2  standard red connector (dark grey speckled in my example)

    - 17  standard green rods 3/4 inch (black in my example)
    -   1  standard Blue Metallic Rod- 2 1/4in (dark-blue in my example)

    -   2 Gray Gear- 1in. (or any other gear which fits the inner diameter of the spool)
    -   2 Standard Metallic Blue Clip Connector (or any other clip connector)

Step 1: Building the Base

Picture of Building the Base

Just build the base like the image.

Step 2: Building the Top

Picture of Building the Top

Just build the top like the image.

Step 3: Building the Shaft

Picture of Building the Shaft

Just build the shaft like the image.

Insert the shaft in the the spool.

Step 4: Bringing It Together

Picture of Bringing It Together

Click both sections on top of each other using the little green rods.

Add some rubber feets for extra grip. This is to prevent the holder for sliding away while pulling the wire.

Finally, click the shaft in the holder.

Good luck.


hunter999 (author)2013-07-03

Haha, this could come in handy sometimes :P

sandroknexmaster (author)2013-07-03


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