Knex Top Gear Challenge Creation.





Introduction: Knex Top Gear Challenge Creation.

Hi this is my creation of a top gear car challenge. Mine has steering on the top car/helecopter and a opening door at the top as well as 2 main doors on the car . It does'nt have a trunk because it would not open right and if you put anything in , it has no where to hold the item. A slight problem with the steering routing caused me to make the steering again but it only works when forced . The cars are very heavy and this made me take out the suspension. Eventhough it has big spaces around the rear of the top car/helecopter , It can hold a lot of stuff without anything falling out. Modifications have made it possible for knex men to fit on the seats on both models. Please vote and follow me . If you have a 3DS or 3DS XL I am happy to trade friend codes.



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    Yes now I remember! I shunted it into a knex box and it fell over on its side, then I slammed a car into jingo69's part helicopter part car thing on the real car and my mini cooper s went through it , making it a wreck. 14 pieces broke though :(

    Very Creative, haha!

    Would have never thought of it myself.