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this is my Knex tron bike I made it because I saw half the movie and thought I should make one and enter one in the contest so plz vote for me.


Madelyn9876 (author)2015-05-27

It looks exactly like the on in pictures I've seen of the movie tron

Mommyoffour (author)2015-05-26


Knextremely stupid (author)2015-05-02

The wheels look awesome it's really cool

GWorks (author)2015-05-02

I like it for it's originality

sandroknexmaster (author)2015-05-02

Looks good!

CorgiCritter (author)2015-04-29

Cool! I love the wheels.

hunter999 (author)2015-04-28

Wow, I love this so much. I must build this in summer after my exams lol! Good luck in the contest!!

matthew9876 (author)hunter9992015-04-29


sonic broom (author)2015-04-28

Nice build!

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