Knex Truck With Differential, Transmission, Engine Comp and Steering System




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Introduction: Knex Truck With Differential, Transmission, Engine Comp and Steering System

I see allot of knex cars and trucks passing by these times so I thought, "Why wont I make one?" So here it is:
My almost complete truck. The only thing that it still needs is a suspension system.

Hope you like it. Please Rate.



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    please post comments NOW so eagar to build this . its shape is uneaque

    awesome! have a look at my fork lift ?

    when will you be in summer break and i am a;lready.

    next month. But i'm in Italy for the whole month of July.

    when are the instructions going to be up.

    Just got back! Well tanned, lol. I'm not in the mood right now, my pc is dying and i'm planning to build a new one. But my parents it would be to much of a risk letting me build it. So, my in this month but i can't promesse anything.

    2 things
    1 lol ur perents wont let u build your own pc iv built about 10 for outher people before now im 17 now

    2 when u posting

    I have built pcs not gaming ones but they ran great

    me and my mate have just finished building a i7 extreme edition with 16gb ram and (i cant rember the graphics card but it has got crossfire)

    My new PC is running perfect for 2 years now and I still cant believe people are reacting to this.
    The truck has been took apart now so I cant post any instructions but if you look at the pictures and use a bit of knowledge and skills, i'm sure you can create something like this.

    It's 2012 instructions done yet?

    i reminded you in august and now it is january 2011

    by the way about your suspension you can use mine if it fits the video if you want to see how effective it is thats on my rally car instructable and instructions are on my derby car

    If one wheel stops because it is blocked, the other can still go. And when turning, the inside wheel can slow down to make it easier on the axel and tires. It really only has advantages on full-sized cars, though.