Knex (true Trigger Semi Auto) Gun for You to Mod





Introduction: Knex (true Trigger Semi Auto) Gun for You to Mod

Here's a Knex gun that doesn't work and i wanted to see if anyone could mod it.

Step 1: Build the Barrel

Build the barrel of the gun.

Step 2: Build the Thingy

the thing that the mag goes on to

Step 3: The Mag

build the mag and use 11 white connecters



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    uhhh, that is not a true trigger at all!!!

    very good design and i see how it would work, it is actually a very smart idea for a mechanism. if i built this gun i might be able to mod it into a working semi automatic gun. but unfortanately, i don't have much free time on my hands. so, sorry i could not help but this is really a very smart idea.

    in theory or on paper this would work.

    First of all, that is not semi-auto. Anyways, I think you need to beef up the trigger. It seems pretty flimsy.

    It is! This uses the same mech as your SALSA.