I wanted to put my knex weapons on a slide show to give you ideas of new weapons.If you have any new ones based one this design please leave a comment that you made one.
ZOMGARRDD&nbsp;&nbsp;I&nbsp;MAED&nbsp;DEEZ&nbsp;AND&nbsp;THEY&nbsp;ARE&nbsp;FIN&nbsp;AWESOME!!!111!!! 5 STARSZ!!!!!!! &nbsp;<br /> <br /> Whoops, forgot the decimal point.&nbsp; <br />
I'm sorry, but all of this has been tried before. Please don't post it, for your own good; they are not good at all. Instead, try to make something that someone else made.
DUDE! These are f***ing awesome! I've already made all three and are planning a fourth! its going to be awsome<br />
you need to put some more time into your guns...<br />

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Bio: I like knex and airsoft. If I find something that can explode ( like an airsoft grenade ) I would make it.
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