This used daniel66200s knex wii wheel. It is 100 times better than his

This is my super cool knex wii wheel that has auto centering.

I was afraid to take apart , but someone like dsman can probably make an instructable for it!
brainiac1204 years ago
blurry and suckish pics
Bartboy (author)  brainiac1204 years ago
Agreed and featured comment for that :P
cool knex133 years ago
ok 2*
Bartboy (author)  cool knex133 years ago
Well deserved!
Matt214976 years ago
you should find a way to put a gas peddle on it
well i can do that maybe ;)
hartyharhar6 years ago
wow that is cool
codongolev7 years ago
were you by chance taking the pictures with a camera phone that kept vibrating?
purp9877 years ago
plz for all that is cute and cuddly, just post more clear pics.
homeboy7 years ago
This is so cool, the best thing ever created by knex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please post instructions on how to make this
millions7 years ago
why don't you take one part of at a time then make instructions for that part and so on
Bartboy (author)  millions7 years ago
k i might, I am low on time though
bumpus7 years ago
cough* tripod *cough
Bartboy (author)  bumpus7 years ago
I used a webcam genius, you can't attach to tripod!
nice but use something to keep the camera more steady next time ;)
ohh and here is something I made for the force unleashed
Bartboy (author)  the_burrito_master7 years ago
comment on the forum topic next time lol.
That's my wii wheel.
Bartboy (author)  Daniel6620007 years ago
give me credit for my wheel and I will give you credit for yours ok?
I didn't know yours existed you easily knew mine was here.
Bartboy (author)  Daniel6620007 years ago
ok fine anyway...
dsman1952767 years ago
lol, thanks for the complement! i could make a instructable but i have two problems: 1. i don't own a WII (not that that really would effect the instructable, but it gives me less motivation) 2. i need to get more batteries for my camera before i can make instructions for anything. 3. i need to make instructions for my office wars cannon and my side arm before i even think about this. 4. i can't count...
Bartboy (author)  dsman1952767 years ago
ok, just a thought
I could possibly.
Bartboy (author)  the_burrito_master7 years ago
i could, but it would not be for about a week.
Might be ok, But I cant really tell. Honestly, did you take those during an earthquake?
Bartboy (author)  I_am_Canadian7 years ago
no but my friend was playing my drums :)
Well, that would not help :-(