Step 1: Legs.

Picture of Legs.
The legs are the most important part of the beest, they dictate its walking and its height.
Theo Jansen used an genetic selection algorithm to determine the right proportions for each part of the leg. Here we are just using standard knex parts (as you will see later, the parts used in the example legs are different from the ones used in the actual beest, but the proportions are the same).

This part was reversed engineered from the following:
(notice the bottom triangle is different from the top one)
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squiddy4125 years ago
I don't get it
callumlewin5 years ago
 do you have to have those specific rods to create the beest
rybubbles5 years ago
make it motorized
Mepain7 years ago
I'm making one of these too! Here's a video i made a while back.
joostw Mepain6 years ago
Can you make a Instructable of your design?
joostw joostw6 years ago
(He moves a lot more natural)
Kiteman Mepain7 years ago
I think you need to re-upload that video - all I got was bunch of random text characters, not even media player starting.
Sypran Kiteman7 years ago
same here! but is there like a program i need to run these things cause everything i try through that link leads to the random text
Kiteman Sypran7 years ago
If it works, it should work in Windows Media Player. If you don't have it, I think it's a free download (it cam bundled in my software).
Sypran Kiteman7 years ago
i have windows media player...odd... well it dosnt matter
bunduk Mepain7 years ago
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that is a section of what i got when i clicked on the link to your movie
Mepain bunduk7 years ago
Quote (Paul the Mole): "@ Kiteman: Right-click and save as... works fine. Looks great by the way!" I don't know if this works, but try it.
bunduk Mepain7 years ago
ahh that robot is well good how many motors did you use?
Mepain bunduk7 years ago
Mepain, could you please post a few pictures of yours because I am making one based off of it. Thanks!
post it
@ Kiteman: Right-click and save as... works fine. Looks great by the way!
I found the problem - I was looking at work and the media player had been disabled "for security reasons".

Mepain - it moves smoothly in the air, but does it walk? Post another video and let us see.
Mepain Kiteman7 years ago
It is incomplete, and needs more legs (at least 8 more) before it can walk properly.
Post! im making a battle robot and this would work really well!
elg0nz (author)  Mepain7 years ago
Nice, you should try to put the feet in this design to yours, I'm sure they will let it walk.
flames103917 years ago
make these on line at sodaplay.com
sorry for super late question but how does sodaplay.com work?
idk if its the same as it used to but its like you connect all the pieces together and you use like gravity and recorded movement to make it do whatever but im not sure
crazykilla7 years ago
why don't u put a motor on it then u wont have to turn the rod
this model would require either one super strong motor or several normal motors
Sypran7 years ago

lol coolest walker ever
idy267 years ago
pretty cool i think i could make a better, greater functioning one. That German (I think) artist was amazing though. i think hes the first person to so greatly inspire me to build.
dutch lol
is this thing able to walk?
Kiteman7 years ago
You need rubber booties to get a grip. Otherwise, very nice - I'm a fan of Jansen, and this is a neat interpretation of his models.
Kiteman Kiteman7 years ago
I found this on YouTube - just begging for an Instructable: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tp8aK_m3ckc
Rage Kiteman7 years ago
PS, its made of knex not wood. ;)
Rage Kiteman7 years ago
hey, so did I!! i've made the 2 of four legs and im going to continue it soon
crestind7 years ago
Those are unbelievable... The leg movement is amazingly natural.
Kaiven7 years ago
that looks cool, but does it move?
elg0nz (author)  Kaiven7 years ago
yes, check out

Kaiven elg0nz7 years ago
bre7 years ago
Wow, this is super cool!
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