KnexGun-1 the Doomed Gun





Introduction: KnexGun-1 the Doomed Gun

Hello, this is my first instructable so it might be noobish but I'll just have to learn things during the time on Instructables.
So, about the gun, it can shoot a hole in a paper(straight trough), and it looks like it will break when pulling the rubber band, but doesn't. It's called the doomed gun because I got hit with it in my eye, my leg and my back, and I had pain.

Step 1: Step 1 - the Things You Need

Here is a picture of it and i'll type it:

-8 yellow rods
-4 grey rods
-16 purple connectors
-2 or 4 rubber bands
-4 blue rods
-1 white connector

Step 2: Building It

now ill show you how to build it

1.make these
2.slide into each other
3.make this
4.put them together the grey rods on it
6.(same picture)
7.make these
8.slide into each other
9.rubber bands(4, if u have large rubber bands, then 2)
10. put it all together

Step 3: Loading and Shooting

loading and shooting

-Make sure that there is some space between the rubberbands for the bullet, otherwise it will bounce back in any direction!(dangerous)

Step 4: Done! TIPS

- if u want to make it stronger are bigger, you can make more 'blocks' and attach them, so you get a kind of bazooka, but then you also hav to add more rubber bands(about 2 rubber bands per block.)
- DONT USE LONGER AMMO, then the friction in the white connector will be more and then the speed decreases
- HAVE FUN with hurting people XD



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    what is this besides a slingshot shaped like a weak box?

    It doubles as a hollow rectangular prism.

    i was gonna say that but i was gonna say "a slingshot shaped like a weak rectangular prism" damn


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