Knex AI AE Sniper Rifle





Introduction: Knex AI AE Sniper Rifle

this is my first knex gun.
it shoots around 10-20 meters.

if you have any questions just ask.

ive also made a magazine so it can shoot green rods.

Step 1: 1:

1 build these on one of the mag walls there is a broken Y joiner
2 add the sides
3 finished
4 build from pictures
5 build from pictures
6 bi pod the same one as the_burrito_master's Park 52 knex sniper
7 the side
8 firing pin
9 the scope
10 the scope

Step 2: 2:

1 make two of these
2 make three
3 add blue rods to one side
4 add the three center parts
5 add the other side

Step 3: 3:

1 make two of these
2 make this
3 make this
4 add this
5 and this
6 add other side
7 make one of these
8 and this
9 side
10 make from photos
11 make from photos
12 attach this
13 and this
14 make this
15 front view
16 attach handle
17 attach this
18 connect

Step 4: 4:

1 make two of these
2 make these
3 and these
4 add blue rods
5 add this
6 put them on
7 add other side
8 make these
9 and these
10 put them on
11 put this on
12 make this
13 the top
14 the front
15 build this
16 add this
17 attach this
18 add this
19 connect this

Step 5: 5:

1 build this
2 this it the same both sides
3 build from photos
4 build from photos
5 rear
6 front
7 add the bottom to the main barrel

Step 6: 6:

1 connect step 4 and 5
2 connect step 3 and 5
3 connect step 2 and 3
4 add the rubber bands
5 add the firing pin
6 add trigger rubber bands
7 add trigger rubber bands
8 rubber bands for the bolt action
9 place them where they are in the photo
10 place them where they are in the photo
11 add some rubber bands
12 if the front part of the barrel sags a bit add rubber bands to lift it up
13 if the front part of the barrel sags a bit add rubber bands to lift it up



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    does it have to be broken pplease respond plase

    I think so because if it wouldn't be needen then it wouldn't be in the instructable right?
    Maybe you should give it a try without broken ands else just break it you know?=P

    how is the y connector cutted??

    just snap one side off or cut it off

    What size ammo does it fire? How did you test and measure the firiong distance? Have you done any damage tests? How does it fire?, slingshot?, firing rod?, or something else? I would like to see a video showing exactly what it does and its full potential also, because KILLERKs SRv1 was terrible when I built it, there are guns that are big on claims but not on results, so I would like to see this gun perform before I go out on a limb and build it.

    it shoots blue rods, i tested it in my backyard, no not at this point, theres a firing pin hits the bullets, no, yes.

    Well, then I don't see how it could be getting over 100 feet.

    100 feet is like, running at full speed for about 15 seconds. do that and thats how far it has to shoot to reach 100ft. or if your 5-51/2 feet tall, thats about 20 of you lying down. and what do you mean why not. you can't just say it goes ___ far and expect it to be true.