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this is an ak47 knex gun. shoots blue rods. plz comment and rate, this is my 2nd instructable..

-nice look
-cool design
-removable mag
-true trigger
-can shoot 20 ft or more with right bands
-good sights

-sight can get in the way of some shots, but you can take it off
-ram needs a good pull
-mag loader sometimes needs a bump if bands aren't strong enough


Step 1: Barrel and Body

Picture of Barrel and Body

watch carefully

Step 2: Magazine

Picture of Magazine

watch carefully

Step 3: Stock

Picture of Stock

easy step

Step 4: Handle and Ram

Picture of Handle and Ram

watch carefully

Step 5: Trigger Mehanism

Picture of Trigger Mehanism

watch carefully

Step 6: Firing Mechanism

Picture of Firing Mechanism

watch carefully

Step 7: Putting It All Together

Picture of Putting It All Together

watch carefully


Anthony_b (author)2012-08-15

This has been the most challenging model to build from another user, but its not impressive, the only things I like is how the mag connects to the Y-clips. I cannot grip the trigger, i got so low on yellow pieces I had to take off the fake barrel, The bullets would sit to the sides and no go out. The floor plate struggles to push the bullets upward each time. Over all I like it but its something I wouldn't take to a K'nex fight. (:

advinator (author)Anthony_b2013-10-10

true lol, yea i made this a while ago, but in a k'nex fight, the winner would be the one that uses a crappy k'nex gun as a club lol

FuNbOy77 (author)2011-06-25

Dose it have to bend?

stryker3 (author)2011-02-19

It looks cool, but i didnt get it to shoot...

clarky999 (author)2011-01-15

i didnt like it

stryker3 (author)2010-12-30

The mag didn't work, so I put the ammo in the front, and it only shot 5 feet!

jari4499 (author)2010-12-23

it's S.U.C.K

knexmaster1 (author)2010-09-16

mine won't really shooot?

can you help

owen102 (author)2010-09-04

WOAH man too much at once

dansdoc (author)2010-07-09


T-Dog13 (author)2009-11-09

I cant get it to bend

dansdoc (author)T-Dog132010-07-09

deosnt have to bend

smattman22 (author)T-Dog132009-12-07

thats what she said XD

GAG3 (author)T-Dog132009-11-25

Well,I watched carfully.

skiboys (author)T-Dog132009-11-21

look at pic 2

dansdoc (author)2010-07-09

doesnt have to bend

joey99 (author)2010-06-26

Just put them on till you get to the end o the grey rod : )

peets (author)2010-02-17


jack691 (author)2010-01-01

i truned it in to a dragunov

knexbuilder12345 (author)2009-12-23

could you please tell me how many yellows are in the first pic. thanks 

GAG3 (author)2009-11-25

Well,a little in the middle i go with Bartboy's comment.No offence.

GAG3 (author)2009-11-25

Well,At least it works!Me too,im going with Bartboy's comment..I SUBSCRIBED ANY WAY!(By the way,real ak's can't even shoot a bullseye)(just saying)

TedWard{} (author)2009-09-04

i think this is a sick design but when i put the bullets in the mag they keep getting jammed or not at the right hight to be hit by the firing pin. if you could think of a solution that would be great! i love it!

stopanator (author)2009-08-23

bas stock

robot builder (author)2009-05-27

hey can u try plez 2 make 1 with liek a straight clip PLEZ i wanna make it i just dont got thoese exozitic peacess plez try if any 1 got 1 put a pic :D

machop200 (author)2009-05-27

hard to make but looks sik hmmm making now kinda stuck on fireing part wen u build it but still building it now ready in like 30 mins

lioneatr (author)2009-05-25

creative but weak but i like how you stand out from the crowd by makin your own stock 4.5*

planktons1 (author)2009-05-11

This looks really nice! Good job

xDanny0wnzU (author)2009-03-19

You should thank Trauts for the Magazine, Since its his Magazine from the G36C

alfpwns (author)xDanny0wnzU2009-03-20

no its from the DUnkis' Ak 47 and 74

DrWeird117 (author)2009-03-16

4.5*. It looks like a 74-U.

advinator (author)DrWeird1172009-03-17

o well, not a big difference:)

DrWeird117 (author)advinator2009-03-18

No. Post?

DJ Radio (author)2009-03-17

It needs a new stock and a new extended barrel. 3.5*

Bartboy (author)2009-03-16

3*. Good, but not great.

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