Introduction: Knex AR-4 Commando Assault Rifle V2

Picture of Knex AR-4 Commando Assault Rifle V2

Step 1: Stock

Picture of Stock

the stock is very similar to the original, with 2 differences:

1. the top of the stock is shorter (to improve the look and comfort)
2. is more filled in to support the shoulder strap

ok, the picture discriptions
1. build this
2. another view (front)
3. the firing pin
4. add firing pin
5. chain (optional)
6. Add chain (optional)

Step 2: Handle and Trigger

Picture of Handle and Trigger

ok, this handle is more filled in, partial credit goes to banana Inventor for the handle.

1. the side frame
2. back view
3. front view
4. attach stock

Step 3: Main Barrel

Picture of Main Barrel

this is the tan lock barrel modded from the v1. It is connected directly to the under-barrel.

just 1 picture is all you should need for this. The second picture is the connection to the handle

Step 4: 3/4 Fake Barrel

Picture of 3/4 Fake Barrel

its 3/4 fake because one of the barrel sections is dedicated to improving accuracy on the gun.

the part on the bottom is the front grip, you will need that to support the gun

Step 5: The Under-barrel

Picture of The Under-barrel

this is the frame to go underneath the main barrel.

1. the side view
2. top view
4. attach to the fake barrel
5. picture 1 of connection (under-barrel to grip)
6. picture 2 of connection (3/4 fake barrel to main barrel to under barrel)

Step 6: The Magazine

Picture of The Magazine

this is an auto-loading jam free mag that holds 15 shots and can be expanded to hold more unlike v1. The mag is removable, but i never remove it when i reload, i remove it when i mod the gun.

the mag looks bigger than the picture makes it look, doesnt it?

NOTE- The top section does not have white rods connecting the width to the depth of the mag, as they keep the mag from being inserted in the gun. The bottom of the mag is the part which hooks up to the under-barrel, via the white rods there. DO NOT INSERT THE MAG IN UPSIDE-DOWN!

the final picture is the hookup to the under-barrel.

Step 7: So Far................

Picture of So Far................

you should have the front barrel in one part, and the stock and handle should be together.

the last picture is the assembly of both of the parts

Step 8: Sight (optional)

Picture of Sight (optional)

this is the sight for the gun, it is fully optional, it just improves the look, and gives a good grip on the carrying handle.

picture 1 is the sight, picture 2-3 is the connection.

Step 9: Show Bipod (optional)

Picture of Show Bipod (optional)

this is my removable bipod for the gun. It was made for show purposes, not recommended for sniping as it will break under a little pressure.

sorry it is not foldable, but i dont think i can make it foldable at 5 layers, and at least its removable...............

1. the bipod. who would have guessed?
2. the base attached to the foregrip.
3. attach bipod

Step 10: Rubberbands, Loading and Firing

Picture of Rubberbands, Loading and Firing

the pictures show where to hook up the rubberbands for their respective parts (pusher, pin, and trigger).

1. hook up the true trigger
2. hook up the ram
3. hook up the pusher

to fire, first take the pusher out of the mag, and insert blue rods. when you have replaced the pusher, pull the firing pin back behind the trigger (full drawback), aim, and fire. Unlike the v1, you dont have to turn a knob on the mag, its auto-loading!!!!!!!!!

4 things you can do at this point:
1. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!
2. continue to step 11
3. comment
4. RATE THIS IBLE 5 STARS!!!!!!!!!!! (I say 5 because some jerk keeps making fake accounts to rate this ible 0.5, this used to be a 3.95)

Step 11: Bonus: Comparison Pics

Picture of Bonus: Comparison Pics

ok guys, this is for the people who built v1, but are reluctant about upgrading to v2, because they dont want to work:


FrozenFire 99 (author)2009-01-19

AR-4 Commando, SPEC-9, Jackal .357 Sounds like I found a fellow Rogue Agent addict ;)

DJ Radio (author)FrozenFire 992009-01-19

yes you did.

FrozenFire 99 (author)DJ Radio2009-01-20


DJ Radio (author)FrozenFire 992009-01-20


FrozenFire 99 (author)DJ Radio2009-01-21

it doesn't look like the AR-4 Commando though

DJ Radio (author)FrozenFire 992009-01-21

wasnt meant to. I only used the game to get gun names. It functions the same tho.

FrozenFire 99 (author)DJ Radio2009-01-21

ok why dont you make an Harpoon RL? lool

kirogn (author)FrozenFire 992015-09-21

sounds funn lets see who can do it first. lol. 3. 2. 1. go!

DJ Radio (author)FrozenFire 992009-01-21

I dont have enough parts.

FrozenFire 99 (author)DJ Radio2009-01-21

that's too bad cos this site could really use a good rocket launcher

DJ Radio (author)FrozenFire 992009-01-21

we already have 5 good ones.

FrozenFire 99 (author)DJ Radio2009-01-21

but they either lack power, range or accuracy still, the Mamba 12g is a great project. there is only one break action gun, but it doens't actually fire. you'll be the first one.

fli-eng goose made a break action shotgun

i know but that one didn't actually fire, right?

oh wait i confused that one with koolkidd's model. but still, the one that fli-eng goose made is just like Mykhailo already said, "not more than a normal single shot with a long barrel attached only by a couple of hinges"

also solekill3r make one and dutchwarlords benelli montefeltro is break action

yeah you're right i saw koolkidds break-action model a while ago and never ever saw a break-action rifle again. should i post my new gun?

Definitely Pppppppoooooooossssssssttttttttttttt!

Oblivitus (author)FrozenFire 992009-01-23

A staggered ammo magazine, very nice.

FrozenFire 99 (author)Oblivitus2009-01-23


Oblivitus (author)FrozenFire 992009-01-24

I tried to make one before and I came up with a similar design, but I couldn't figure out how to hold it all together and make the breach attach to it.

FrozenFire 99 (author)Oblivitus2009-01-24

Here you go I'm posting it soon so you can have a closer look yourself.

Oblivitus (author)FrozenFire 992009-01-24


DJ Radio (author)FrozenFire 992009-01-22


FrozenFire 99 (author)DJ Radio2009-01-23

im on it just gotta upload the pictures




k ty

King_Banana (author)thomaswatton2009-01-22


DJ Radio (author)King_Banana2009-03-08

It sucked tho

DJ Radio (author)FrozenFire 992009-01-21

IAC's first 2 cannons and his v5 have power, range and accuracy . I dont like the mamba 12g because it is a while between your shots. and its not medium ranged. plus, its double-barreled.

FrozenFire 99 (author)DJ Radio2009-01-22

and IAC's cannons are cannons. i don't see them as rocket launchers really. i agree though, they do have great accuracy, power and range.

FrozenFire 99 (author)DJ Radio2009-01-22

that's only in the game. i dont see how double barreled is a problem and the reload time depends for a part on yourself. the range won't be a problem as it will probably be single shot. the only hard thing about it will be making a sturdy break-action feature.

FrozenFire 99 (author)DJ Radio2009-01-21

a Mamba 12g would be awesome too. you really gotta put that break-action feature into it!

PotatoCoffee (author)2011-12-04

No offence or anything but this gun is UGLY I know its 3 years old by the way.

DJ Radio (author)PotatoCoffee2012-09-13

None taken, it sucks.

PotatoCoffee (author)DJ Radio2012-09-13

Hey hey! You're online again!

DJ Radio (author)2011-08-06

So I'm looking at this in retrospect and I'm here saying to myself "Holy sh*t I sucked back then." I guess I improved very quickly.

iWeeksy (author)DJ Radio2011-08-12

Where can i find V3

dommy (author)2010-11-14

WOW that looks awesome!!!

DJ Radio (author)dommy2010-11-14

V3 looks and performs better.

DJ Radio (author)2010-09-30

Didn't you already do that?

DJ Radio (author)2010-09-24

Build v3, this gun is dated.

lewis grant (author)2010-07-12

what kind of rod is at the botom of this thing

DJ Radio (author)lewis grant2010-07-12

at the very bottom is a green rod, but they are just black colors.

MegaMetal8 (author)2010-05-02

i probably got enough bits for this

i really dunno for the V3

jackojack12 (author)2010-04-08

how does the elastic band connect

DJ Radio (author)jackojack122010-04-08

There is a hole in the orange connector (I have a special color on the pin, but the normal color is orange) that you slip the band through.

But go and build the V3, as I told you to in the intro.

MegaMetal8 (author)2010-03-25


its well kwl

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