Knex Apache Helicopter Gunship





Introduction: Knex Apache Helicopter Gunship

My new model of a Knex Apache Helicopter Gunship.



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    why cant you post the instructions?? I would love to build it.

    great finnish dude . Your helecopter is awesome . shame you cant post instructions.

    i've never seen anything like this before. i must say it looks great.

    I just seen this creation a little while ago please post, its too good not to have an instructable

    post,, post,, post,, post,, post it plzzzz!!!!! its so awesome!!!!

    insanely good!!

    Almost perfect. But there's only 4 Hellfires total, the nose is too long, and the M230 is out of proportion. I still love it.

    Now thats a helicopter!!!!

    DUDE! please post ive built some nice knex heliacopters but this is flippin crazy! i have very much respect for you because your a awsome builder and you jus made my day!

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    btw i give it a 11 on a scale of 1 to 10

    I give it a 111 on that scale.

    id give it:
    for those of you who understand Standard form:1x10(to the power of infinity)
    for those of you who dont, lots of infinity aded together

    please post. its the best helicopter on the site. =)

    no offence to anyone else who made a helicopter.

    please make instructions!!! :D

    seed plzzzzzzzzzz

    Whoa! How much knex did you use? Amazing model

    post instructions now

    post just one thing real quick the Apache helicopter is a stealth attack helicopter