My new model of a Knex Apache Helicopter Gunship.
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tom.beck.1214 months ago

why cant you post the instructions?? I would love to build it.

great finnish dude . Your helecopter is awesome . shame you cant post instructions.
chunkyman982 years ago
i've never seen anything like this before. i must say it looks great.
I just seen this creation a little while ago please post, its too good not to have an instructable
post,, post,, post,, post,, post it plzzzz!!!!! its so awesome!!!!

AUG-5OM34 years ago
mberg4 years ago
insanely good!!
DrWeird1174 years ago
Almost perfect. But there's only 4 Hellfires total, the nose is too long, and the M230 is out of proportion. I still love it.
Soksume4 years ago
Now thats a helicopter!!!!
Dante90306 years ago
DUDE! please post ive built some nice knex heliacopters but this is flippin crazy! i have very much respect for you because your a awsome builder and you jus made my day!
btw i give it a 11 on a scale of 1 to 10
I give it a 111 on that scale.
id give it:
for those of you who understand Standard form:1x10(to the power of infinity)
for those of you who dont, lots of infinity aded together
please post. its the best helicopter on the site. =)

no offence to anyone else who made a helicopter.
kingofknex4 years ago
please make instructions!!! :D
Woah can believe I've never seen this.
kees-jan4 years ago
seed plzzzzzzzzzz
jackojack125 years ago
Whoa! How much knex did you use? Amazing model
dansdoc5 years ago
post instructions now
knexfan91826 years ago
post just one thing real quick the Apache helicopter is a stealth attack helicopter
post it
The Apache is not a stealth helicopter. The Commanche is. Apaches are pure attack.
bartluke5 years ago
can you post it please
KNEXFRANTIC5 years ago
that is awsome but one question. is it a normal apatchi or an apatchi long bow
TigerNod5 years ago
Dude, that's awesome! You must have spend lots of time on this. It looks a lot like the real thing. Such a beatiful knex creation can only deserve 5 stars and a fave from me. Good job!
ferrari4845 years ago
To bad you didn't post it.

What knex engine did you use for the propeller on top.
sesshomarur5 years ago
can you plz send me an instructable are post one.  I really want to bluid it.
Can you tell me the instructions for it?? I think it is so cool!! Do you think it could fit into the trailor of the deisel truck on here? Sorry if i spelled anything wrong!!
DarkVolt6 years ago
nathan1216 years ago
were did you make it from
75thrangers6 years ago
uhhh some1 has to much time on thier hands :P jk nice chopper!
nichodo6 years ago
Nice knex model. Megatron: huh hahahahaha now this is graet for blackout.
sizzam9606 years ago
its awsome please post i have the right pieces to build it
Unmortal6 years ago
DANM BAD it can't realy fly good model of the Apache
barrax6 years ago
very slik! post 5 then i'll fave an ible,.
rootbeer966 years ago
nice can you post i gice it a 5*
the_mooney6 years ago
amazing thats all i have to say
Dirtyboyy6 years ago
nice , bud 1 build alone rifles 5* because he looks nice ;)
gijo916 years ago
Apache Chief, ee nay chuck!!!!!
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