K'nex Assassin's Creed - Hidden Blade





Introduction: K'nex Assassin's Creed - Hidden Blade

Here is a hidden blade that I made out of knex. It was inspired by the Hidden Blade from the video game Assasin's Creed. Here is a video.



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    the best assassins creed blade on this site is knexfreak's

    i think it should be a 3 star because you didnt show how to make it but every thing else is brilliant

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    Not anymore, it isn't. It used to be.


     this is easy but not that strong i just made it

    looks nice well made trigger machanism i call it the safety mechanism due to the way real guns use it in that manner

    I made an instrucble from the slide show for this blade. I made some modifications to make the blade stronger. Check out my instructable. "Assasins creed hidden blade Knex" Supernewf54

    I really like this :D

    Can someone help me? I posted my first instructable and i cant seem to find in in the search now.. I dont no if iv done it correctly...

    here the link...: https://www.instructables.com/id/Some_of_my_instructables/

    What have i done wrong? I made the keywords Knex and Craft.. but i cant see it in the search bar.....

    I normaly type knext then search then press Recent
    but i just see all the other ones and not mines.'

    By the way your instructable is very nice COOL :D

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    i know im replying really late but it will show up in a few days

    if you posted it recently it might not have been loaded up to the page yet. I had the same problem when i posted my first instructable

    By the way i made one myself the blade is shorter i ended it at the yellows and the blade holder is one blue short cuz i didn't have the pieces... :(

    This is insanely awesome but im only gonna give it 4 stars cuz if the blade didn't go up the sleave of a shirt and ended inside the holster it would be sooooo cool! But REAL nice job!

    ima gonna try to make one of these of my own, but itsa gonna be my own design

    i made it it is good but you cant put much power on it so 4 stars

    Niiiiiiice! I want to build Assassin's Creed stuff now...