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I was fiddling around a while ago on a small ball machine, and decided to try to make a alternate way of bringing the balls to the top of the machine in a way other than a chain lift. Well, this is what I came up with. It is a bit primitive, but I like it nonetheless. It is fun to watch. Also, it uses few pieces (granted more black y connectors than I would have liked), so it is easy on the people with few pieces.

Remember that this is just a concept, and you should make it the way you want. You can stack them on top of each other to make them go higher, make the wheels(s) larger, and mix them up the way you want.


Step 1: Pieces

Picture of Pieces

This is the piece list. Go get them!

Green: 52
White: 36
Blue: 49
Yellow: 13
Red: 67
Grey: 11

Dark Grey: 11
Light Grey: 10
Red: 16
Green: 14
Yellow: 28
White: 12
Purple: 86
Blue: 25
Orange: 13

Grey Spacer: 28
Blue Spacer: 29
Standard Power Pack: 1
Balls: As many as you want
Y Connectors: 17
Red Gear: 1
Blue Gear (the really small one): 1
Tan Clip: 7

Time to get building!

Step 2: Base #1

Picture of Base #1

This is one of the sides of the main body. Nice and easy.

1: The hunk of knex you are about to make
2: Make this flat thing first
3: Then make this other piece. It is not the same as the other one
4: A close up of the end
5: Put the two together to get this piece
6: A view of the side. Connect all the blue rods
7: What you have just made

That was boring. Lets move on.

Step 3: Base #2

Picture of Base #2

This is the second part of the main bit. It is a tadbit harder, because you have to put the motor in this side. I know you can do it. Good luck!

1: The part you are about to make
2: Start with this bit
3: Make these two pieces. MAke sure you are making the right 3d connections on the connectors
4: Put them together. Easy
5: This is the housing for the motor. The make it from the following 6 pictures
6: ---
7: ---
8: ---
9: ---
10: ---
11: ---
12: ---
13: Put the apparatus you just made into the frame
14: Finished base #2. Yay!

Step 4: Ball Dispencer

Picture of Ball Dispencer

This is the part that feeds the balls onto the the lift. A little harder, still easy though.

1: The dispenser
2: Start with these two pieces
3: A close up of the one on the left so you can see it better
4: Make sure it looks like this
5: Put those two pieces together to get this. Put it aside for a moment
6: Make this track piece
7: A close up of the front: remember both greens
8: Close up of the back: Remember the grey connectors
9: Put the track on the other piece you made like so
10: Make sure the white rods go through the holes
11: Place the greens on the side of the blue rod shown
12: Clip the y connector onto the yellow rod
13: Finished product

Your getting there... Keep it up!

Step 5: Ball Reciever

Picture of Ball Reciever

This is the part that takes the ball from the arms on the wheel. Its a bit harder, but you can do it, I just know it. :-)

1: The thingy you are about to build
2: Start with this thing. Make sure to get the right amount of spacers
3: A close up of those spacers
4: A close up of the end
5: Make this little guy. remember the y connectors
6: A nice close up of that
7: Make these things next. Remember the spacers on here, too
8: Put them together
9: Put that weird little thing on now
10: A close up of the attachment
11:A close up of that. The spacers should be right against the red and purple connectors
12: Now place the track on top
13: Attach the y connector one spacer from the end
14: Attach the track to the y connectors on the green
15: What it should look like from above
16: Finished product. Whoopeee!

Step 6: Wheel

Picture of Wheel

This is the business part of the lift. It does the lifting.

1: The wheel
2: Start by making a "Claw"
3: That claw thing upside down
4: Another view of that. Those are y connectors on the oranges
5: Make three more
6: Make this part. Easy
7: Make these for spokes
8: Make this hub. Make sure to only put one grey cap on per rod
9: What one end should look like
10: What the other end should look like. Once again, no more than one grey cap per blue rod
11: Another view
12: Put the spokes on like so
13: What it should look like
14: Break that piece you had before so you can place it around the hub
15: Put it back together one it is around
16: Cross-snap the grey rods onto the white connectors

Finished the wheel.

Step 7: Assembley

Picture of Assembley

I find assembling you knex items to be the funnest step. Time to watch your lift take shape!

1: All the pieces you should have
2: Start by putting the wheel over the axle on the base #2
3: Then put a tan clip on the grey rod and push it into the white connector
4: Then put spacers on as shown
5: Put base #1 on top
6: Make the grey rod go through the white connector on base #1
7: Put a blue spacer on the end and cap it off with a tan clip
8: Now that it can stand upright, make it do so
9: Put the ball dispenser on as shown
10: Just so you can see that connection
11: Put the ball receiver on as shown
12: Connect those yellow rods!
13: And the grey ones
14: Assembled Ball lift :-)

Step 8: How to Use

Picture of How to Use

This is just a final step on how to use it, though its pretty self explanatory.

1: Get however many balls you want to use
2: Put them on the dispensers track
3: Push the black knob on the motor to the right
4: Watch it go!

Thanks for building! I hope you get many wonderful ideas with this lift. Let me know of you use it!

Any questions or comments are welcome.




Jake_hates_lego (author)2015-03-14

i made a ball machine based on that i was suprised at myself because it was so easy thx for instructions:p

sandroknexmaster (author)2012-06-24

Great lift! Simple but so good ;)



hunter999 (author)2012-02-16

It's great well done, you should be proud:)

I_am_Canadian (author)hunter9992012-02-16

Thank you :-)

knexandnerf (author)2011-09-18

v,vm fk jck bhkc jhvkjhcgjk hbckj

Looks like a delicious spammich.

knexandnerf (author)2011-09-18

on turnpike can you exchange the chain for the lift

I dont think you could, really, just because many paths go right under the lift - right where the wheel would be.

knex builder36472418 (author)2011-06-30

WOW!! i just finished making it, tried it out, and it got abit stuck and the brown connecter on/in the red cog snaped off and made a dent in my roof lol!

fuzi (author)2011-06-03

is there a way to make 2 of these and connect them with 1 motor

I_am_Canadian (author)fuzi2011-06-04

I'd think so, though I'm not sure the motor would have enough power....

Just find a place on the axle where you can put on two red gears, do the same with a second wheel, and connect them with chain.

sniper_lover (author)2011-05-14

haha, this is so nice!! it's really fun. if you pimp it up a little, you can make a canon of that, i've do that and thats so really fun!!

hunter999 (author)2011-04-05

is the really small blue gear a grey small gear????:/

I_am_Canadian (author)hunter9992011-05-01

I'm pretty sure it needs to be the blue kind for this to work.

horton123 (author)2011-04-13

this is so cool think i am done

I_am_Canadian (author)horton1232011-05-01

Yay! Good for you.

Randomguy65 (author)2011-04-28

Yikes! Looks a little unstable. No biigie though, I added grey rods for extra support. :-)

Yep, the idea was that you would build your ball machine around it, reinforcing it if need be :-)

Jesus. (author)2009-04-27

oh no i don't have 17 Y clips i only have 4

I_am_Canadian (author)Jesus.2009-04-27

That sucks! You can order them off, their like 7 cents each.

ebay is cheaper.also i cant get them cos im british. :-( if youre lucky you can get them cheap in charity shops. i got 5000 peices for £12!

Thats sweet. I check my local flea markets and stuff sometimes too.

cool. ivenever seen one of them.

Jesus. (author)I_am_Canadian2009-08-13

now i have like 70!!

I_am_Canadian (author)Jesus.2009-08-16

You bought some?

Fr-Pa-Co (author)2010-09-05

Thanks I_am_Canadian i used your lift to build my first ball machine thanks a million

I_am_Canadian (author)Fr-Pa-Co2010-09-24

Anytime! Photos?

Fr-Pa-Co (author)I_am_Canadian2010-09-25

I only took a video. oh by the way do you know a way to send videos to other members im knew you see so if you know plz could you tell me

I_am_Canadian (author)Fr-Pa-Co2010-09-25

It would probably be easiest to post it to youtube.

Fr-Pa-Co (author)I_am_Canadian2010-09-26

I will i'll send you the link as soon as i've uploaded it and by the way if you know any tips of how to build a ball machine please can you tell me as im starting to build one with some chain i got off ebay

I_am_Canadian (author)Fr-Pa-Co2010-09-28

Get a concept, build the lift first, add on any major elements first... Just build many ball machines you figure it out for yourself.

Fr-Pa-Co (author)I_am_Canadian2010-09-29

thanks im gonna get my dad to help me get it to youtube and ive started the lift and made a half pipe and ive made a thing which according to MrMuggle is called the uh thing!! :D

Tornado96 (author)Fr-Pa-Co2010-10-03

lol. I know I'm not I_am_Canadian but of you want to put a video from youtube on to here You need to submit video (you will need a picture for the image) and add a description. Then you click on the button on the bottom that says save & embed video. You then have to go to Youtube on a separate tab. Go to your video and click the embed button under the video and a code will come up highlighted. Pres ctrl + c and go to the Instructable. Click on embed video and it will ask you to place the embed code. Ctrl + v the embed code onto this and then save a preview to see if it worked. It should which means that you can publish the video. I hope that was clear enough. Good Luck! :-)

Fred the evil puppet (author)2010-08-19

i am canadian, do you like classical music? in the striker pistol you have mozart's canon in d and a few other ones incliding this on has classical music in. i have been wondering for a long time.

Yes. Classical/baroque/chamber music is all liked by me.

zchan1120 (author)2010-03-23
please watch this

i made it

yes, i did use some of your instructables and other instructables, and i do not claim all of it to be my own design or concoction

I_am_Canadian (author)zchan11202010-03-23

Very well done!  I like that one.

zchan1120 (author)I_am_Canadian2010-04-07

Thank you!!

I love your instructables!! I've subscribed!!

I_am_Canadian (author)zchan11202010-09-24


i am making a few mods to this. a track making the ball go to the lift and making your heavy cannon v5 go off when it gets there for a laugh. (lol)

bamcar1 (author)zchan11202010-08-11


MegaMetal8 (author)zchan11202010-04-01

well done

i spotted iac's lift

iv subbed to u

zchan1120 (author)MegaMetal82010-04-07

I subbed to you, too.

zchan1120 (author)MegaMetal82010-04-07


I will hopefully be posting the same video here shortly.

I am currently working on another ball machine with a seven and a half foot chain lift

Tornado96 (author)2009-09-12

This is great! I'm building a big ball machine with three lifts and this will be a good substitute for chain.

I_am_Canadian (author)Tornado962009-09-12

Its what it was made for, good luck!

this is useful as im halfway through a ball machine and dont have any chain.

bamcar1 (author)2010-07-09

Can u use the other motor

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