the knex M82 sniper i made from Katarukito's M107, thanks to him for that
should I try to build this?
dudes, its a halo sniper, crossed wiv a barret .50 cal
Is that the halo sniper, if it is absolutely not.
whats the halo sniper?
the one from halo :P i dont think its a real sniper though just made up
please make instructions how far does it shoot how powerful is it <br>
Didn't you just read my Comment? It's an NTW-20 Anti-Material rifle
oh ok.
I thought it was
it is a South African NTW-20, 20mm anti-material rifle
yea, your right, thats not the halo sniper its what you said it is.<br />
Dude. You have the same name as me. ZOMG :P
halo sniper has a square scope...
&nbsp;and looks completely different<br /> <br />
&nbsp;its not a halo sniper<br /> <br />
i dont think its the halo sniper, the halo one looks alot different
&nbsp;isn't that gun a modded up version of the M107 barrett sniper rifle .50 caliber?
horizontle mag tho
it looks complicated
that thing does this to cars!!!
well thats what .50 bmg rounds do to a car just think what can it do to a goat?<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86IhghSLRyc">dead goat!</a><br/>
I shot a real 50. bmg...
Cool! What rifle?<br />
Armalite AR-50 single shot bolt action rifle, heres a picture
bench rest or standing?<br />
no thats 20mm
no the m82a1 is a .50 bmg thats 12.7mm x 108mm
no Im talking about this
what gun is it called?
&nbsp;its a modded m107 barrett .50 call sniper fifle
The Denel-Mecham NTW 20mm Rifle
it looks sweet
oh cool but that makes it a little bit inaccurate because of the massive weight of the projectile
its a sniper rifle it has to be accurate I have seen a video of it shooting its accurate. p.s it is sometimes used as an anti aircraft gun!
wow!!! I thought you might like to see this!600. nitro express worlds most powerful custom handgun!!!!!
I&nbsp;say he should slam a scope and stock on that thing..<br /> <br />
ill try to build that old guy
AND AN OLD GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would just use a m1911 and pistol whip someone.
damn thats big
that got removed from youtube =(<br/>
Eric probably reported that video because of me. :(
time to cry b/c (one of) the best clip(s) on youtube
haha the goat go pwned
aww! the school computer blocked the link lol!
but so can the m82.

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