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Introduction: Knex Bazooka

THiis is Here I Come I am Cinnamons bazooka but Here I Come I am Cinnamon is me. I forgot the password to the file and tried to get my password but it screwed my computer. So Here I Come I am Cinnamon is no longer around and is now Freaky Tiki.

Step 1: The Frame

The frame is sturdy enough but not too sturdy.

Step 2: THe Firing Slide Thingy.

THis is a bit complicated but its worth it.

Step 3: Putting the Frame and the Firing Slide Thing Together.

Putting together what we made so far.

Step 4: THe Rubberbands

adding the rubber bands. You need 4 thick rubberbands.

Step 5: The Ammo

You need a thumb tak or a sharpened wite rod.

Step 6: Load It and Your Done

pullthe ammo back on the rubberbands to the end. be care full. Then lock it in with two blue rods.

Step 7: Finished.

I am not responsible for injuries death [kidding about death] and anythingstupid you do with it.



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    Honestly, this design is inefficient and clearly designed to hurt people, the user included. The ammo, even if built PROPERLY with no sharp part on the front SPECIFICALLY meant to pierce skin is dangerous due to its being thin and heavy. Modifications to IAC's heavy cannons are your friends; I use one of those and haven't (seriously) injured myself or others yet and this thing dents CAR DOORS. Hence why the blunt, 3D ammo is better than this type of ammo. Also, the barrel is sturdier and the ammo will fly straighter and further if you use four tracks at right angles to each other to fire it; this is actually what makes the heavy cannons safe to use in a knex war-the tracks won't let the barrel explode at you if you use a bunch of RB's and they guide the ammo so it doesn't start acting like a buzz saw and slows it down enough that it can't actually seriously injure somebody from a sane range unless they're TRYING to get hurt.

    looks great unless u wanna kill someone

    pretty cool man, keep it up!


    Nice number.

    is it me or is instructables clock completely wrong?

    how far does it fire?

    I always have to doublecheck nowadays...

    omg! this is exactly the same to the instructable "how to make a knex bazooka" by here i com e i am cinnamon

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