Picture of K'nex Bird Maze
I have always wanted to see how smart my birds were
so I got all of my k'nex pieces together and built this maze.

This is an instructable on how to build the maze that I built.
If you don't have enough k'nex pieces or more you should use this
instructable as a guideline to create a maze different than mine

Here is what you need:
-A lot of k'nex
-A lot of time
-A tame and calm bird between the size of a cockatiel and a lovebird if the bird is too big it might get stuck and if it is too small it may slip through the holes in the walls.

!Important! If you are going to build this bird maze and stick your bird in it the bird must be TAME and CALM it must not be scared of being in new places or else it might hurt itself in the bird maze. You also don't want a bird that chews a lot or it may ruin your k'nex and be sure to always supervise your bird whenever you put it in the maze DO NOT LEAVE IT ALONE IN THE MAZE!!!

Step 1:

Picture of
First things first I didn't have enough pieces to complete this bird maze so I had to substitute some pieces for others if you look at the pieces in the picture below.
Just wondering what type of bird is that? i really want a pet bird that will let me handle it as i have had pet birds before but they were not the handling kind. thanks
Shadow_Force (author)  the inventor4 years ago
It's called a cockatiel. By bird that's not the handling type I would assume you had some kind of finch...? Anyways to anyone who wants a pet bird for handling I would recommend cockatiels or conures seeing as they can be more docile than most other species I have owned. However conures can loud at times and are somewhat pricey - like $150 - $350 (Double that if you buy from a pet store) whereas I've seen cockatiels as low as $30 - $50.
But it should also be noted that In my experience cockatiels tend to spook fairly easily depending on the circumstances.
rybubbles5 years ago
nice job!!! my bird loves it..... he technicly lives in it.. he wont come out
That msut stink loosing all that knex to the bird :-)
its worth it. :)
eulaliaaaa!4 years ago
Very clever! Good job!
Tom Buckey4 years ago
Can you do a v2?
Tom Buckey4 years ago
Love it!
Lol i love the youtube video! I used to have a bird who would knock over toy soldiers. i loved that little guy :'(
oH my gosh that's so cool I have parakeets that are virtually scared of every thing. except knex they play on my knex roller coasters. I'm gonne try this
lol i have a cockatil and she isnt scared of anything except knex
Lol, they play on the roller coasters!?!? Make a video!
here's a pic of them. usually they just sit there but some times one of them will start showing off and fly over some where else and then come back to the supports and go back to where he was.
You should post that rollercoaster and have the first knex roller coaster instructable ever. ps. It's really cool looking and nice birds.
that roller coaster uses all my pieces and I have the leading 3 amount of pieces on the sight! knex roller coasters aren't like ball machines you can't just build them like you can a ball machine they require the cross ties and the tubing and lots of flexie rods. not one person on this sight would have enough to make a good coaster. train man maybe but I don't know how much he has.
really? how many?
i have 6 screamin' serpent sets and lots of other stuff a rippin rocket.
Oh and this is the proof of my knex, which actually weighs about 105 pounds.
My Whole Collection of Knex 1-9-10.jpgBig Air Factory Parts.jpgBirds Eye View Of Knex.jpgKnex in a Box.jpgKnex Rollercoaster (Travis Made 1-9-10).jpgKnex without Rollercoaster.jpgRollercoaster and Some etc knex.jpgSome Knex Weapons 1.jpg
I have 70 pounds (not including the following) 3 screaming serpants, 2 rippin rockets, 1 big air, and some 5-10 pounds of etc.
trainman only has one screaming serpent and an original rollercoaster
is that the one your brother was talking about?
probs fire dive"? it's in my room I'm going to put it out in the snow and cover it in snow with tunnels and volcanos that are erupting.

You have snow? I don't even have any snow on the ground. Tonight there's supposed to be a flurry so i'm hopeing it'll be really big so I can have a delayed opening

that was a post from last year lol. yeah at the moment I have almost 2 ft of the stuff and I have a huge snow fort built!
Holy cow that rollercoaster is huge.
Did you see the final video?
how on earth could they not be afraid of knex??? LoL Very nice,
they just aren't i got them used to it.
NYPA6 years ago
Tom Buckey6 years ago
im gonna make one of these and go out and buy a bird i love this 5*
I used your idea and built one for my parakeets it uses blue rods as a base since they're smaller.and my bird went through 1 time but he doesn't like the fake walls I think that's why he wont do it any more.
Kewl idea! cute video man!
This is great! I made a smaller one (Blue rod sized boxes) with my freind for his budgie. Its awesome! Its not todally done, but i'll get a pic when it is.
s0lekill3r6 years ago
That's awesome. I have a guinea pig and I'm gonna try and make a maze for her.
Guinea pigs! You seen my trap for them?
Yeah I did, it's cool. The only problem that I'm having with my guinea pig is that she is a little overweight and she's not too active.
Sounds a lot like mine, except she's a lot overweight
Yeah. Is there such a thing as a guinea pig diet? Mine needs it lol.
Probably, I dont know of any though...
Flumpkins6 years ago
Cool! I'm not a giant fan of K'nex, but I think this should get featured
arrow shot6 years ago
umm it would seem cruel to put a bird in a knex cage... unless its for the price of comedy :D
AWW!!! This is just brilliant. 5 stars.
Der Bradly6 years ago
This is a really cool, new idea! 5*
I really wish i had quicktime player...
yerjoking6 years ago
2nd picture, is that a Cockatiel? I have 2 males, and they seem to be "attracted" to each other, lol.
Oh and great maze, 5 stars! =]!
acker1236 years ago
that is amazing
btw cool bird
The Jamalam6 years ago
lol this is great, a really original idea. have 5 stars!
pls6 years ago
Thats absolutely awesome!! fantastic job! i loved the vid!