Knex Button Activated Grenade Launcher





Introduction: Knex Button Activated Grenade Launcher

This does NOT use a block trigger.
Ranges:10 to 15 feet
Can be mounted on any gun.

Step 1: Parts

Vary small amount needed
no rare pieces

Step 2: Ram and Trigger

Make both

Step 3: Barrel


Step 4: Assmembly

Picture is for right handed people.
If your lefthanded put the black piece on the other side.

Step 5: Rubberbanding

Add rubber band

Step 6: Firing

When you pull back the ram the trigger will slip into place.
Then push it in to fire.



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    67 Discussions

    ya your completely wrong, there are plenty of guns that use whats known as a sear system which is the complete opposite. oh ya and has anyone noticed that people are posting "grenade launchers" that look eerily similar to crappy block trigger guns

    no they arent they hold it back thats not blocking, block would mean to get infront of it.

    this is exactly true......kind of. all knex triggers are technically BOTH block and sear, being that an object "blocking" the pin at some point must move in a "searing" action to allow the gun to fire. but the main point is like you said, a "block trigger" here is one that has something in front of the pin to hold it back, whilst a "sear trigger" is one that holds on a small latch type mechanism on the rear of the pin. sear triggers are notably more difficult to design, however they do produce much better results in firing. (they also very rarely break firing pins!)

    A trigger that is a block trigger blocks the pin from the front; this is the term that we have adopted. You're getting too literal with the term. Block- blocks from the front. Sear- holds from the rear.

    The whole point of the term is to identify a part of a gun. When playing tug of war, and you are holding the end of a rope with a knot in it (hand in front of the knot), you do not "block" it, you hold it. The same goes for a sear.

    err, not every gun is. My crossbow uses a ratchet slingshot system. RBGs are not blocks either.

    yes rbgs are technically, they got some sort of mechanism that blocks the cog from turning.

    sear system guns are like this but they lock the firing pin in place, look up knex p90 desechos by M16.