This Knex cannon is one of the easiest cannon to build because it takes very few parts, and it is small yet powerful.

It shoots the small Knex rods that can shoot at least 10 to 50 feet with some good rubber bands.

Step 1: Step One: Getting the Parts for the Cannon

In the picture is the list of parts that you will need to get started.

Step 2: Part Two: Building the Cannon

The pictures have the instructions in them.

Step 3: Step Three: the Firing Pin

the instructions are in the pictures

Step 4: Step Four: the Base

same as the last two

Now it is ready to shoot! Just be careful what you shoot at because it can break glass.
I will make this the next possible time, then see how effective it is.
can it shoot airsoft bbs
I suppose it could. never thought of trying that thanks for the idea i'll try it. : )
Bit much innit?<br />
metallic<br />
so... its a block trigger on some flat pieces of knex...
That's constructive criticism...<br />
This is kind of simple, sorry. Nice pictures/instructable though!

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