This is my knex car steering mechanism and has ajustable steering ratio. It goes on a knex car. Please comment and tell me what i can improve on

Step 1: The Pieces






Blue Spacers-10
Grey Spacers-2
Y Connector-1

Step 2: All the Parts

This is ho you make it

1-all the parts
2,3,4-make these

Step 3: Putting It Together

Step 4: Steering Lock

This is the steering lock, it stops it from turning

1-make this

Step 5: Steering Ratio

This step shows you how to change the steering ratio
<p>Very cool. I favorited.</p>
Hey awesome... how much weight will it hold because when I made my own design when the wheels were attached it broke under the weight of my truck...
i see what you mean but to be honest ive never actually used this on anything. Ive made an other one that wont break which is on my knex monster truck which is coming soon.
wow the truck looks great! Thanks for the info on the steering. Can't weight to see your truck!
dude im making a ford gt ill be finished in three days i will make a slideshow but i need a steering system can you help me please i cant make this one because i dont have any henges
That's an impressive mechanism, with all the k'nex car parts coming out lately, someone will probably be coming out with an awesome car pretty soon.
it is a modded version from a set
Still kinda neat tho:D
spose... but not original
jamalam your acting like a arse this is a awesome idea and he obviously didn't copy it maybe your jealous???
I have it in a set book.
really what set ??????????
I don't know the name but I have that set too.
the only sets i ever got was 'screeming serpent rollercoaster' and a 4000 piece package from ebay
There are so much more K'nex sets then the screaming serpent.
cant remember but it was a large red plastic box with models like large cars and a clown
Ahh, oh well.
probly but it takes alot of talent to think of ur own and not copy
could it be fitted onto your street car? XD
I had a similar idea when I designed my knex car, but my idea used more hinge pieces, more that I had. :( That's why I used the four wheel steering system instead. Great idea!
*more than I had*
I did not get design from a different set
Very nice.

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