This is the classic hit the hammer and ring the bell to win a prize carnival game.

Step 1: Base

Make the base
1) make
2) get these
3) put them together
4) finish the base

Step 2: The "bell" and Weight/ Conection

This is what makes the thing fun =)
1) gather
2) put together
3) connect to base

Step 3: Using

Strike your index finger down on the leaver (like in picture 1)
-The white connector should fly up and hit the "bell" YOU WIN!

If its too easy try adding more white connectors on the gray rod.
I've turned this into a ball machine element.
Oh cool I want to see it after you are done
Added better base, and rubber bands to make it harder. Rules. 4.5*
pictures?<br />
( Sorry for late reply) DEMOLISHED!!! mwahahahahahaahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaahahaha
Sorry for late reply?
:(<br />
&nbsp;lol i made a hammer for it but i got a bit to agressive and broke it!!
Lol I should put a caution to advise not to use a real hammer...
Have any ideas for a mallot?<br /> non of mine work
Never mind i just came up this idea for a mallot and it works great!! Here is a pic of it
Its a red rod with a wheel on the end. It works great for what you made!!<br />
nice... i think i had just some yellows clipped to a grey to make a flat part...<br />
i just made one and i made a mallot and its kinda kool ill make an tut tomorrow it will be my first! :)
nice go for it<br />
I&nbsp;know where you got that avatar :)
Nice! (now all we need is the prizes..... heeheehoo)
Thanks. Lol I tried to make a hammer at first but it worked to easily. Maybe stuffed animals?
(i was talking about guns >:D)
now why don't we get real guns for winning the real game?
Simple, yet fun 4 starz
yes, yes!
I think you should use some sort of lever system to boost the power of the hammer. Nice game!
If we did that it would be too easy =) Thanks.<br/>
Any one make it?
This is pretty sweet I rate it 4 1/2*s! Great job!
That's a cool little game.
Thanks! I'm glad you think it's cool.
Creative :)
Lol thanks.
LoL nice!
Yay! IAC said it was nice =) thanks!<br/>
Haha Thank you very much

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