Introduction: Knex Cd Rack

This is a simple cd rack that you can build out of Knex. Iam sorry about the crappy pictures my camera sucks.

Step 1: Materials

5 long gray rods
20 purple connectors (10 units)
48 yellow connectors
24 red connectors
26 long green rods
54 yellow rods

Step 2: The Frame

this is the majority of the frame other than the gray rods

Step 3: Make the Slots

these will be the peices that go on the grey rods
you wil need to make 26 of them if your puting in bare cds , if ur using cases then u can use less.

Step 4: Put It Together

now u r going to put the slots that u made on the gray rods after that u r finished and can put your cds inbetween the green slots

This rack holds 25 bare cds or 10-20 cds in cases depending on the size of the cases

This is my first instructable so please dont judge me.
I am open for suggestions.


gassybeans (author)2011-07-26

man.. your camera sucks. :(

boyrock375 (author)gassybeans2011-07-26

yeah i know it was given to me but i have a new one now...all my future instructables will be much better quality in the future

knex gun master (author)2008-12-31

can you make 1 with better pics


I am sick right now but i will get on it once i am better

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Bio: i like to build things out of junk and i want to be an inventer as a profession
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